Work from Home Hairstyle ideas to try now

Just because you work from home doesn't mean you have to forget about the hairstyle.


We know that staying at home for such a long time is not the most pleasant thing. We need to adapt and face some very difficult situations. In these moments, we have to maintain little wellness moments and time for ourselves, where our only objective is to take care of ourselves. We have concocted some hairdressing ideas for you to do at home. Discover them right now!

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Hairstyles to adopt for a conference call

Hair can be beautiful in real life, but really ugly on video. The main flaw: the camera on your laptop or cell phone doesn't highlight the colour of your hair, and takes away all your volume!
First advice: stand in front of a strong light source. This will give brightness to your complexion, and reveal the colour of your hair! 

1. Loose and curly hair

A great classic for adding volume: curls in the hair. More or less large, it's up to you.
Make it with a braid at night, or with a curling iron, it's also up to you. Either way, your hair will look impressive - both in real life and on video! 

low ponytail scrunchie hair

2. The low ponytail, with a big scrunchie

To enhance your face and give volume to your hair, the other option is to make a low, loosened  ponytail, with a big, visible scrunchie.
Tip: Tilt your head a little forward or to the side - so that everyone can see your beautiful hairstyle!
With a hairstyle like this, you are strongly encouraged to make up your eyes: a stretched line of eyeliner on the side of the eye would be ideal. 

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Comfortable hairstyles to work on your couch

We all agree that when you get up in the morning, getting your hair done is a little less of a priority - even more so when you plan to stay in your pyjamas all day.
So here are some hairstyles to do essentially with an accessory, to get a wow effect in a minimum amount of time. 

headband home hairstyle simple natural look

1. The headband, a must-have

What could be better than an accessory that reminds us of our very school-age childhood to take back some seriousness and motivation? In addition to sublimating your hair, the headband gives a clean and stylish look. It makes you wonder why it's been missing for so long! 

big barrette hairstyle home

2. The big barrette

Another possibility: a large barrette that gathers a few strands of your hair.

It's up to you to place it as you wish: only on one side, for a side-hair effect, or in the middle, grouping the 2 strands of your face... A lot of options are available to you!

Hairstyle to try and keep you busy

In other words, those hairstyles that we don't normally have the patience to do. The ones that make your arm cramp and require so much concentration that you postpone them every day. You will master those and be able to flaunt them once you're back at the office.

double bun easy hairstyle

1. The double bun

As easy as it looks, it's not that simple. The greatest difficulty: SYMMETRY.

You have to make sure to split in the middle, to have as much hair on one side as on the other (the good news is that if the split is not perfect, nobody will see you from behind!). You also need to pull the hair well in the back and manage to leave a loose and natural look on the front. 

In short, it's a real art that you have time to perfect. 

2. Braids, in all variations

French braid in the middle, braid that goes all the way around the head, cob braid, reverse braid... There are so many possibilities!
A bit of advice: never - NEVER - make a braid in front of a mirror. There's nothing worse to confuse you! 

Hairstyles to do some exercise at home

A lot of us need to exercise physically. We rush to Youtube and other apps to find simple exercises to do at home. We put on our nicest sports outfit, take off our make-up and start sweating.
Yes, but... don’t forget to be styled to the ends of our hair! 

high ponytail with braid sport hairstyle gym

1. A high tail with a braid

We love the warrior effect of this hairstyle - simple and quick to achieve. We make a traditional ponytail. Then we take the lengths and make a thick braid! It's as basic as that.

2. The workout high bun

Same idea, since you need your hair tied back.
A high bun is ideal for all workout sessions at home: however, do it high enough so that it doesn't bother you when you're lying on your back while doing abs! 

Hopefully these ideas for hairstyles to do at work from home will have changed your mind.
In the meantime, work well from home for those who can, stay safe at home, and take care of yourself!


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