Why doesn't my hair grow?

My hair doesn't grow, it grows slowly, it splits. What to do?

Why my hair doesn't grow

You dream of XXL hair, the hair that goes all the way down to your lower back. Hair that shines like a thousand lights. A voluminous hair, like in the movies!
Then read this article carefully, it may be very useful.

First of all, it is important to know that very often actresses and influencers with beautiful hair... wear extensions. YAS QUEEN! Because keeping hair as long as possible to make it beautiful, soft and shiny is a daily challenge.

Before you start, it is important to remember how hair growth works. Indeed, it follows a well-defined cycle!

The hair follicle is the cocoon of the hair. It is its root, nestled in the heart of the scalp. This follicle can create 25 hairs in the course of a lifetime! For these 25 cycles, the pattern is the same: 

the anagen phase - active hair growth - which corresponds to the production of hair initiated by the stem cell. This phase lasts an average of 4 to 6 years in women and 2 to 4 years in men. In a healthy scalp, 85% of the hair is in the anagen phase. 

This is followed by the catagen phase when growth is interrupted: in three weeks, the follicle shortens, decreases in volume and is evacuated from the epidermis.
The telogen phase corresponds to hair loss when the stem detaches and falls out. The rest of the follicle goes into dormancy.

After this brief anatomy lesson, let's look at all the reasons why your hair has stopped growing. 

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1. Genetics

And yes, the length of a hair, i.e. how long it will grow during the anagen phase, is already determined by the genes. It's all happening at the heart of the DNA. That's why some people get long hair very quickly, while others have to wait years before they get the desired length.
The best example is babies from birth! Some are born with 3 hairs on their head, while others already have a full head of hair.

2. A scalp in bad shape

Health and growth of hair is built into the heart of the scalp, so this one must be healthy. Unfortunately, we don't always take the time to take care of it. As a result, it suffocates under build-up hair products, sebum, or pollution particles.
Result: the hair follicle cannot function as well as it used to!
It agonizes and puts hair growth on pause.

To obtain a healthy scalp, all it takes is some simple gestures... The use of a pre-shampoo, the use of anti-pollution care, or simply brushing your hair morning and evening.

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3. Too much tension in your hair

In the same way, pulling on the hair too hard on a daily basis really has a negative impact on hair growth! Indeed, this weakens the hair and the hair follicles, which are not in good conditions to grow properly.
For wig or hair-pulling addicts, let them breathe a little!

4. Food

For your hair to grow fast and healthy, it needs the right nutrients.
Food is the main source of these nutrients: vitamins, fatty acids, zinc, iron... All this is very important! In addition, they have an effect on your overall health. And if you suffer from a lack of iron or vitamins, your scalp will suffer as a result.

The bottom line: opt for a healthy and varied diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and iron!
Do you want to use an adequate Food Supplement? Find out more here!

5. Your hair is damaged, with slit ends

Since damaged ends tend to split and break, it often feels like the hair "stops growing" when you space out the cuts. In reality, the condition of the hair tip has no effect on its growth at the root!
However, as long as the split ends remain, the hair gives the impression that it has stopped growing. It keeps breaking, and doesn't have enough vitality and moisture to grow properly!
Our advice: go to your hairdresser without delay. Use hair care products for damaged hair. Limit the use of heating hair tools!

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6. The wrong haircare routine

The haircare routine is fundamental for hair growth. You must choose the most natural and respectful care for your scalp, without silicone, sulfate, etc...

But the haircare routine doesn't stop with the products you use. You must also adopt the right gestures for your hair, but above all for your scalp: massage it daily, apply the pre-shampoo best suited to your hair, gently wash your hair, followed by a mask to give it the care it needs. Also, brush your hair morning and evening, to stimulate the scalp (and therefore the hair follicle...).

With all these tips together, your hair will grow back beautifully! So stop despairing and take action now.  


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