Which pre-shampoo is right for you?

Pre-shampoos, a critical step in your haircare you need to look at.

PHYTOPOLLEINE, PHYTO 7 and Huile d’Alès on a table with a sprig of rosemary

Even if the name is clear enough, their use isn't crystal clear! And yet, pre-shampoos can really transform the hair's health and beauty. Time to know everything you need on this must-do first step.

Reversing the hair cycle trend

Who said that you absolutely had to do all your treatments on wet hair after shampoo? While it is more practical on a daily basis, it is not T-H-E absolute solution. The advantage of pre-shampoo care is that it can be used on dry hair and then requires washing your hair. This way, you won't have heavy, greasy hair, especially if your hair is prone to build-up from masks and nourishing creams. 

Can I use a pre-shampoo with my hair type?

In case you're wondering - Can I use a pre-shampoo? -  Pre-shampoos are suitable for all types of hair: fine, curly, dry or coloured, you will just need to choose the right treatment for your need. Whether you want to nourish, moisturize and protect, pre-shampoos allow you to meet your needs in-depth. But pre-shampoos are not only about your lengths: they can be highly recommended in the treatment of the scalp, to balance and purify it.

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What is the texture of a pre-shampoo?

It all depends on the care and needs you need to address. In general, they are often in the form of oils, gel or masks. As you can see, the common point is a rather rich texture, which we will remove with the shampoo!

How do you apply a pre-shampoo?

Except for pre-shampoos that treat the scalp, they are generally applied to the lengths of your hair (starting from the neck down). You can make the product penetrate strand by strand, twisting your hair. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, or an entire night for maximum efficiency! Then rinse with plenty of water and wash your hair normally.

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You want to start using a pre-shampoo but you don't know which one? Here are some examples of moisturizing & nourishing care for your lengths - or balancing care for your scalp!

PHYTOPOLLEINE: Pre-shampoo for the scalp

Patrick Alès, the founder of Phyto Paris, used to say: "Beautiful hair cannot be conceived without a healthy scalp". A hair philosopher, isn't that right? The solution to revitalize and purify the scalp is 1,750 grams of plants in a single bottle of PHYTOPOLLEINE. 100% vegetable, this pre-shampoo contains essential oils of Cajeput, Lemon, Rosemary, Sage, and Cypress. Apply it once a week, section by section, to your scalp... Let it rest for 20 minutes, close your eyes and... picture yourself at the spa, if you haven't already tried you will understand once you'll try it!

Huile d'Alès: Pre-shampoo for dry hair, i.e. all hair

2 exceptional things about this treatment: it is the only one that does not start with PHYTO, but above all, it exists since 1969, the year the brand was created. Its formula has remained unchanged for 50 years! Why would anyone change a treatment that has proven its effectiveness in each generation? Once a week, apply Huile d'Alès to your lengths and ends. For a professional application, twist your hair instead - to allow the Oil to envelop your hair! Leave it on for 30 minutes, then take a shower and shampoo your hair. The know-how trick: recommended before any colouring of more than 10 volumes, discoloration or permanent, HUILE D'ALÈS effectively protects the hair fiber and scalp. You can also put a vial of HUILE D'ALÈS directly into the colouring, to prevent the hair from becoming porous!

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Pre-shampoo PHYTOD-TOX, to purify and deep-cleanse

Nothing better than the combination of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Ghassoul Clay and Burdock extract to take care of your scalp. Products build-up, pollution, and sebum, it suffocates and asks to breathe. Use it once a week, applying it part by part to the scalp. It only takes 10 minutes to take effect! The CLEAN feeling is immediate.

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PHYTOMILLESIME: so that your dye won't disappear!

You just left the hairdresser's, all excited about your new color. But here it is, 3 days later you already have to wash them... and see 50% of the color leave the fiber!
This cruel reality is finally over, thanks to PHYTOMILLESIME Pre-Shampooing Color Locker: by using it 2 to 3 times a week on lengths, before shampooing, this treatment retains pigments, protects your hair from external aggressions and makes your hair shine even brighter!

3 things to keep in mind about pre-shampoos:

1. They are to be done at least once a week 

2. You rinse them directly by shampooing 

3. They are ideal for nourishing and treating your hair without weighing it down


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