Top Trending Haircuts & Hair dye Spring Summer 2020

Discover the trendiest cuts and colours to adopt in Spring-Summer 2020.

Spring is finally here! We hear the birds singing again, the trees are filling up with buds, while flowers are growing in the gardens... For haircuts and colours, we also want to make a few changes for this warmest season! Discover Spring-Summer 2020 Hair trends now.

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To begin with, sorry to say that long hair trend is finally over. From now on, nothing better than a shorter cut to better define facial lines!


The bob is a classic, which passes through generations and seasons, always looking good on those who wear it.
This year, the bob is short: it ends just below the ears or up to the collarbones, to highlight your pretty neck!
But be careful not to cut too short if you have curly hair, or if you love curls!

The Phyto Paris touch: a beautiful short bob doesn't tolerate frizz. There's only one solution: PHYTODÉFRISANT BOTANICAL STRAIGHTENING BALM. To be applied to very wet hair before drying, it tames frizz and prevents humidity from harming your style!



Super trendy in the 70's, the Shag haircut is a full hippie and bohemian haircut, which is adorned with pretty flowers in the hair.
More than 50 years after the first edition of Woodstock, the modern version of the shag haircut is coming back: it uses lengths, slims the strands, and gets shorter and shorter on the top of the head. A curtain fringe is very common with this cut!
It is recommended for all curly and voluminous hair, and for all those who want to revive the hippie spirit in 2020.

The Phyto Paris touch: to get that must-have volume for the shag cut, you absolutely need the PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Spray! At each blow-dry, your hair will be full of volume and lightness. Enough to make a shag haircut accessible to fine, flat hair!



We told you that this year, you were going to see the bob!
If the short bob scares you, the long bob should tick all the boxes you need: it draws your facial traits to perfection, allows you to do as many hairstyles as you want and it enhances your hair!
Perfect, then. Check out @styled_by_seven long bob!

The Phyto Paris touch: your hair needs to be healthy to have a minimum of length. For this, a 3-month course of PHYTOPHANERE food supplement will be perfect!


This very trendy cut requires frequent appointments at your hairdresser!
The straight finish is elegant, dynamic and satisfying to look at.
From a technical point of view, a straight cut is a guarantee that there are no split ends - and it's well known that ends are the driest and dullest part of a hair. Without them, hair retains all its shine and softness!

The Phyto Paris touch: to keep this cut straight as long as possible, you need to delay the appearance of split ends by moisturizing daily. To do this, choose the leave-in treatment of your choice to be applied every morning.
Our Editor's Favourite: PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel! Its scent and effectiveness are just incredible. For fans of heated tools, the PHYTOKÉRATINE Extreme cream will be perfect. 



This season marks the return of natural colours that match the complexion. Light, pale chestnuts and natural roots are also welcomed back! So let’s say a gentle farewell to pastel or extravagant colours and hello to the wisdom of naturalness.


Elegance, naturalness, luminosity... These are the reasons why blond hair suits you so well! For most of you, it allows you to enhance your eyes and the colour of your skin.
To find the right colouring, look from number 7 to number 10!

The Phyto Paris touch: you’re dreaming of this blond, we have it. It's the PHYTOCOLOR 9! Perfect to get a natural blonde, without damaging your hair or scalp. Also very important: the PHYTOARGENT Shampoo. It will succeed in removing the yellow reflections from your hair and will restore shine to your hair every time you wash it!



In other words, we let our natural colour show through on the roots! Some have discovered during confinement that this effect suits them quite well, and decide to keep it. No matter what your natural colour is, no matter how many grey hair you have, you let it show!
See the example with @elainery which proudly shows its natural roots.

The Phyto Paris touch: Fine for natural roots, but the lengths must be flawless. Use Color Locker PHYTOMILLESIME pre-shampoo, shampoo, mask and beauty concentrate to take care of your colour!



This colour will give warmth and friendliness to your face! Be careful though: brown should be uniform, with natural highlights and without highlights, for a 100% natural look.

The Phyto Paris touch: we let you choose one of the PHYTOCOLOR colours of your choice - ideally between 4 and 6! You will have light or dark chestnut, or even Cappuccino.



A red-haired, vibrant but not flamboyant, that’s the colour that’ll draw all eyes on you. Spicy ginger adds some energy to your complexion.
However, be aware that this colour requires a lot of care. Hair dye must be done frequently and thoroughly! It is also necessary to use high-performance haircare products to maintain and sublimate the colour.

The PHYTO Paris touch: once again, the PHYTOMILLESIME range is a must to take care of your colored hair. The Color Locker pre-shampoo, shampoo, mask and concentrate will take care of your colour, to contain the pigments at the heart of the fiber and keep your hair healthy!

Now that you know all the trends, it's time to call your hair salon to schedule an appointment as soon as possible! If you have any questions or need advice, we are here to answer them.


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