Top 10 PHYTO Haircare Bestsellers to get on Black Friday

Top PHYTO haircare Black Friday deals & Offers 2021

Black Friday is the perfect time for PHYTO Paris haircare lovers to get their hands on the best the French brand has to offer… at unbeatable prices! It’s also the perfect time to check friends and family off your holiday shopping list. This year, a never-seen-before offer will apply on regular-priced products and most of our gift sets! Don’t know exactly what to get? Keep reading!

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1. PHYTONOVATHRIX Ultimate Chronic anti-hair loss treatment

Formulated with 99% natural botanical ingredients, this treatment: Slows down hair loss, stimulates new hair growth, and promotes strength and density.
To be used as a 3-month cure, twice a year, the treatment and shampoo promise visible results.

For who? Men (or women!) who suffer from chronic hair loss—in other words, hair loss that has been ongoing for over 6 months.

phytocyane ampoules

2. PHYTOCYANE Reactional hair loss treatment for women

Specifically designed to fight female hair loss due to stress, hormonal variations, pregnancy or significant fatigue, this treatment promises to stop hair loss in its tracks while renewing your hair’s beauty. PHYTOCYANE will restore your hair’s density and shine.

For who? New moms, future moms or a friend who is going through some stressful times.

3. PHYTOPHANÈRE Dietary Supplements for stronger, beautiful hair & nails

For the last 50 years, PHYTOPHANÈRE has been your hair’s BFF, providing it with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow long and strong. In fact, thanks to Vitamin B, C and E, essential fatty acids and plant extracts, this dietary supplement fights hair loss and promotes the growth of hair and nails.
Take 2 capsules a day for 3 months—your hair will thank you! 
For who? Everyone! Who doesn’t need an added boost for their hair and nails?

4. PHYTOLIUM+ Initial Stage of Hair Loss

To fight the first signs of hair loss and slow its progression, Phyto Paris created the PHYTOLIUM+ treatment. Its objective? To preserve hair assets.

The treatment consists of two separate hair care products: the Initial Stages Strengthening Shampoo [82% natural] and the Initial Stages Strengthening Treatment [93% natural].

The treatment is formulated to focus on the essentials. It strengthens hair and preserves its appearance thanks to a duo of innovative active ingredients:

  • Shiitake extract – 2 research patents – a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine to fight signs of hair’s premature aging and protect the scalp from oxidative stress.
  • Vitamin B3 works in synergy with Shiitake to revitalize hair and leave it looking beautiful.

5. PHYTOKERATINE EXTRÊME Exceptional Cream for ultra-damaged hair

Everyone loves it, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to its delectable fragrance, this wonder cream provides maximum heat protection, intense nutrition for damaged hair, perfectly defined curls… PHYTOKERATINE EXTRÊME Exceptional Cream does it all! 

For who? Anyone with very long—and very damaged—hair.

6. PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Range for dry hair

Good to know: All hair is dry by nature.
Occasionally, hair needs a little more love! it can be drier than usual, dull, difficult to untangle, fragile.
Generally, dry hair has medium to fine textures and lacking moisture, medium to coarse hair instead become ultra-dry because and also lack nutrition.
For this, PHYTO Paris created the PHYTOJOBA range: the Shampoo, Mask and Moisturizing Care Gel are must-haves to give your hair moisture and nutrition. Made of Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Plant Milk and Mallow Extraction, PHYTOJOBA moisturizes the hair, from roots to ends, without weighing it down! 

7. PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-Frizz Range

Finally—there’s a solution for frizzy, untamed hair: the PHYTODEFRISANT anti-frizz line! These amazing products manage to take control of unruly hair thanks to their carefully selected natural ingredients. In fact, 98% of PHYTODEFRISANT’s ingredients are of natural origin. Some of the key products are:
  • Mallow extraction, PHYTO Paris’s signature ingredient, for smoothing and hydrating action, which also restricts hair fibre’s absorption of humidity;
  • Kukui Oil which intensely strengthens and nourishes the hair fibre;
  • Quinoa proteins which fill in the gaps of damaged hair cuticle in order to reduce porosity and prevent moisture from penetrating.

phytocolor kit shades

8. PHYTOCOLOR hair colour kits

PHYTOCOLOR kits allow you to update your look at home with any of its 16 gorgeous permanent hair colour shades. The best part? PHYTOCOLOR is BOTANICAL and contains no PPD, resorcinol or ammonia. To replace the artificial pigments and create PHYTOCOLOR’s rich palette of hues, PHYTO Paris uses up to 74% botanical pigments for perfect grey coverage! 

For who? Anyone who is fed up with going to the salon once a month… or who loves to change it up when it comes to hair colour!

Don't forget to get PHYTOCOLOR haircare line, made especially for coloured hair. Including a Shampoo, Mask and Shine Activating Care, this line is the perfect natural solution for your coloured hair. The secret to PHYTOCOLOR’s performance is botanical ingredients: Hibiscus extraction, Tara Tannins and Sunflower Sprout extract. As always, PHYTO has selected the best that nature has to offer to care for your hair, formulated without silicone, sulphate and paraben.

phyto re30 white grey hair treatment 2020

9. PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment

The 100% natural way to revive grey hair, without pigment dye. This amazing product is the result of a discovery made after 6 years of research at PHYTO Paris Laboratories: RE30 Peptide—capable of pigmenting your hair, from root to tip! Results show a 30% decrease in the number of grey hairs after 3 months.

For who? Anyone who starts experiencing grey hair growth and with less than 30% grey hair.

phytovolume lblow dry setting spray lifestyle

10. PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray

This light spray has been a cult favourite since it was launched in 1986! Heat-activated, this product was designed to be your best ally when it comes to the perfect blowout. Pea Proteins and Nasturtium Extract boost volume at the roots, giving fine, flat hair amazing lift and bounce. As an added bonus, this fabulous product also acts as a thermal shield, providing intense heat protection for your hair! 
For who? Anyone with naturally fine and flat hair who loves volume and perfectly coiffed looks.

And there you have it! Now that your PHYTO cart is full, you’re ready for some serious shopping! All you have to do is wait until Friday, November 26 at midnight to enjoy these amazing Black Friday deals!  

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