Top 10 Fall 2021 Hair Cut and Style Trends

Let yourself be inspired by these Top 10 Top Hair Cut and Style Trends, adopted by our favourite Canadian influencers!

Top hair trends Fall 2021


When it comes to fringes, it seems like there’s always something new and exciting! This season’s fringe frames the face and emphasizes your features. To create the perfect fringe, there’s just one catch: leave it curly to prevent the look from being too severe.
The Phyto Paris touch: frizz and fringes are a bad combination. Use the PHYTODEFRISANT routine to keep hair in place and tame unruly locks!


Wearing scarves in your hair is super trendy this season. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun using them in tons of different ways! The biggest trend of all is covering your hair with a scarf that you then tie at the back of your neck.

Top hair trends Fall 2021


Warm blondes and even reds are on trend this season. So, why not give your style that extra glow with golden hair colour?

The PHYTO Paris touch: choose from PHYTOCOLOR’s five golden shades! From Light Brown to Very Light Beige Blonde, you’re sure to find a colour you love!

Top hair trends Fall 2021


Kim K isn’t the only one who can wear liquid hair! The key to this styled look is ultra-smooth and shiny locks!
The PHYTO Paris touch: always start with PHYTOD-TOX Clarifying Shampoo to obtain that signature Liquid Hair shine.

Top hair trends Fall 2021


Braids of every shape and style are another hot trend this fall. Add a silk scarf like @thefitfatale for double the trend-setting style!

Top hair trends Fall 2021


Thick and full hair is in the spotlight this season. Intense colour is also a perfect complement to sumptuously radiant tresses!
The Phyto Paris touch: to achieve the level of volume that is so critical to this look, you absolutely need PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Blow-dry Spray, which will leave your hair looking light and voluminous! This amazing product can even create beautiful volume in fine, flat hair!

Top hair trends Fall 2021


Get those hats out and enjoy them to the fullest before winter hits. Fall fabrics (our personal favourite is felt!) help create the trendiest looks.

Top hair trends Fall 2021


To keep your summer glow for a little while longer, warm browns are perfect for this in-between-season period.
The PHYTO Paris touch: there’s no better time to discover PHYTOCOLOR’s at-home permanent hair colour. With four glorious brown shades to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy.

Top hair trends Fall 2021


Ultra-long hair is always impressive—as long as it’s shiny and voluminous!
The PHYTO Paris touch: to properly care for your ultra-long hair, use PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care products for maximum hydration, shine and daily protection! A little extra touch: apply PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel every morning. You’ll love the difference it makes!

Top hair trends Fall 2021


This season’s waves are extra light and delicate, and the best way to achieve them is by wrapping your hair around your flat iron.

The PHYTO Paris touch: as we’re sure you all know, using heat styling tools without protecting your hair first is a major faux pas! This is specifically why PHYTOKERATINE Repairing Heat Protecting Spray was created. In addition to infusing your hair fibre with Botanical Keratin, it also protects it from heat damage. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Top hair trends Fall 2021

So, which trend will you choose for this season? 

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