A scientific approach to plants

PHYTO Laboratories, with its hi-tech innovative scientific lab
complete with doctors, pharmacologists, botanists and biochemists,
is able to identify the most active plant extracts
in order to reveal the prime beauty of hair.

Their work, validated by rigorous scientific experiments,
has opened the way towards
innovation, and has allowed PHYTO to become
a renowned pioneer in hair care.
Made up of more than 500 plant ingredients,
the PHYTO herbarium attests to the
immense richness and infinite benefits of the plant world.

To choose the most relevant botanical active ingredients,
PHYTO draws its inspiration from renowned works
such as the European Pharmacopoeia
or other scientific publications and focuses on the properties of the plants.
Our laboratories use this ancestral knowledge and traditional practices
to choose the best that nature has to offer.

Once the active ingredients have been selected, our
laboratories identify the most appropriate method to extract
the molecules required to meet specific hair care needs.
All steps are carefully implemented to obtain a real tailor-made
solution: from the part of the plant that contains the most
suitable molecules to the extraction method which will allow
for the optimal potentiation of active ingredients.

Exceptionally active formulas for optimal performance

Behind PHYTO's dedication for beautiful and healthy hair though plant lies a long scientific path
and unique formulation savoir-faire from plant to product.


Contrary to a classic shampoo that is essentially composed of
water, PHYTO replaces water in its formulas with « home-made »
plant extractions to obtain products with
an extremly high concentration of plants.
The brand’s genuine hallmark, they are derived from
a unique process created by our laboratories.
Green waste derived from this process is fully routed,
sorted and recycled on dedicated composting platforms.


The PHYTO Laboratories produce their own plant extracts
with a rigorous methodology and thanks to high performing proprietary techniques
that concentrate the unique power and infinite benefits of the plants.
This unique savoir-faire allows them to extract the most active part of the plant
(leaf, flower, stem or root) based on strict performance criteria (including safety)
and to use in the most effective concentration.

A demanding formulation charter


All our products are tested in vivo and in vitro to ensure the highest levels of performance, stability, safety, and tolerance.
We also work with independent laboratories on clinical and consumer product tests of usage.


PHYTO prides itself on offering high-performance formulas with sublime textures and extraordinary fragrances making each treatment a pure moment of well-being.


PHYTO products are 95% natural overall and up to 100% natural while avoiding the use of chemical substances like parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic alcohols. As an example, PHYTO replaces synthetic alcohol in all its hairsprays by beetroot alcohol – less drying for the hair.


PHYTO formulas are housed in recyclable packagings which preserve the formulas from external agents.