The new natural treatment against hair loss

Like all PHYTO Paris hair stories, it all began at the heart of Phytosolba Laboratories in Paris. After many years of research, PHYTO Paris' Experts made a new discovery about ways to treat hair loss: the Wnt pathway (pronounced Winnt).  It is neither a constellation nor a highway, but a key protein that triggers the transition from the telogen phase (hair death) to a new anagen phase (the birth of a new hair).

As a reminder, hair lives according to a precise life cycle: everything starts with the anagen phase, which corresponds to the production of the hair fiber initiated by stem cells. This phase lasts on average 4 to 6 years for women and 2 to 4 years for men. On a healthy scalp, about 85% of hair is in this phase.
Then comes the catagen phase, also called the regression phase! In only 3 weeks, growth is interrupted, stem cells enter into self-destruction, the follicle is shortened and is evacuated to the epidermis. 

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The 16th hair loss target

The new target discovered, a breakthrough after PHYTOLOGIST, which targeted the 15 factors responsible for hair loss. 

PHYTONOVATHRIX additionally aims to awaken stem cells, so that they can stimulate the production of the hair fiber in return.

The 16 hair loss targets could be summarized in 3 complementary strategies to optimize hair growth.

1. Promote the entry into the anagen phase via the activation of stem cells.
2. Extend the anagen phase by protecting the stem cells to ensure a permanent renewal of the fiber.
3. Encourage the production of energy, which is essential for the synthesis and constant regeneration of the fiber.

Which hair loss treatment suits you best? Discover your haircare routine with PHYTO's diagnostic here.

Unique natural ingredients against hair loss

Five plant extracts are at the source of the PHYTONOVATHRIX treatment:  

Celery seeds activate growth via the stem cells
- Purple tulip stimulates essentials factors for new hair regrowth
Globularia stem cells extend the follicle life cycle
- Baikal skullcap increases the oxygen supply and at the same time increases the size of the hair strand
- Serenoa extract acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme responsible for the transformation of testosterone into DHT

Bonus: The two-phase formula is fragrance-free, containing only essential oils to give it a fresh, pleasant scent during application!

PHYTONOVATHRIX vials & shampoo

Which hair loss treatment suits you best? Discover your haircare routine with PHYTO's diagnostic here.

99% of natural ingredients

A good reason to say goodbye to chemical treatments, hello naturality! As in all PHYTO Paris treatments, plants are at the heart of the products' formulation. By extracting powerful molecules from each plant, PHYTO Paris researchers ensure that each formula contains the maximum amount of natural extracts to give hair the best from nature. 100% active, PHYTONOVATHRIX  is exclusively composed of natural ingredients with a stimulating action, to promote hair abundance. 

Hair Loss Myths: true or false?

Hair loss treatment - Use at ease

Unlike many treatments on the market, the PHYTONOVATHRIX hair loss treatment can be used at ease. No need to do it every day for the rest of your life. For a visible and lasting effect, PHYTONOVATHRIX requires a 3-month cure, twice a year and only 3 applications per week are necessary. You can complete the treatment with PHYTONOVATHRIX Energizing Fortifying Shampoo, the treatment ally to prepare the scalp with a gentle formula, making your hair stronger, shinier and more beautiful!

+5.400 new hair

Clinical studies have demonstrated impressive efficacy. In just three months, hair growth is stimulated by 72%, hair loss is reduced by 84% and there is a 78% improvement in the strength and vigor of hair fibers. In order to achieve these results, users should comply with the recommended use of PHYTONOVATHRIX for a period of 3 months.

So, what are you waiting for to start the new hair loss cure PHYTONOVATHRIX?


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