The best hair treatments to start this fall

Your hair is affected (as much as you are?) by the change of season during Fall. It' s time to fix it!

You may have already noticed that every year, your hair falls as much as the leaves of trees when October arrives. In the shower, on your brush or pillow... They're everywhere! Don't panic: this is very common. But you must take care of this reactional hair loss to prevent it from disrupting your hair growth. Here are the right things to do, and the proper hair treatments to use!

Seasonal change effects on our hair

Like all living beings, our body suffers from seasonal change: the drop in temperature and lack of sunshine leads to a decrease in energy, a higher sensitivity to external factors and hormonal variations.
These changes are reflected up to the roots of your hair: it grows slower, doesn't renew itself so well, and its beauty fades.
Plus, you may be slightly depressed to be back to work with the cold weather, the daily routine (work, child, home, sleep) and the end of summer... everything feels so difficult! Your vitamin and mineral levels drop - possibly leading to hair loss!
Also, we pay the price of the excesses of summer: the SUN - POOL - SEA combo weakens the scalp and dries up hair. If not properly treated, you'll find out that 3 months later (right after the exposure period), your hair becomes thinner and prone to fall. 

Pamper your hair: like a spa day, but for your hair

You and your hair need love. Schedule yourself a relaxing afternoon when your only concern is to leave the pre-shampoo and hair mask on enough time!
A real spa day for your hair, but especially for your scalp: massage it, apply the most appropriate pre-shampoo for your scalp, gently wash your hair, then use a mask to give it the care it needs.

Choose, for example, the PHYTOPOLLEINE Botanical Scalp treatment: it acts directly on the scalp at the root of the hair. Applied once a week, it stimulates, tones, purifies and rebalances the scalp! The result: healthier, stronger, more resistant hair... that will be less likely to fall out.

Directions for use: Apply to dry hair once a week, section by section, all over the scalp. Massage gently and leave on for 20 minutes. Jump in the shower to complete your ritual: shampoo, mask, beauty treatments!

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Pay attention to your diet because it may affect your hair's health

For some of us, the temptation to eat frozen pizza, sushi or pasta is high at this time of year. Yet, you know that these are the foods that have the least nutritional intake!

Instead, choose a large dose of vegetables and protein. Rich in vitamins, minerals and iron, you'll have everything you need to stay in shape and give your hair all the nutrients it needs!

If you want to be sure that you are providing your body with all the necessary nutrients, choose PHYTOPHANERE vitamin supplements for hair & nails. It'll make your hair and nails stronger and healthier. Thanks to vitamins B, C and E, essential fatty acids and plant extracts, this food supplement helps fighting hair loss and stimulates hair and nails.

Directions of use: 2 capsules per day, for 3 months, and your hair and nails will thank you!

Start a hair loss treatment!

Perfect timing: we start our cure in October since a complete cure usually lasts 3 months! As you can see, 3 months is the ideal time for your hair and scalp to react positively to treatment, you will see the results on your new hair as well. You can imagine that for the ingredients to work and the results to show... it takes a little time!

Each metabolism being different, some people see the effects after a few weeks. For others, it's after a few months!  

Reactional hair loss strikes during fall

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Women are more vulnerable to seasonal changes and hormonal variations. Results: Fall is often a season that is associated with hair loss... If untreated, successive reactive hair loss can lead to chronic, i.e. permanent, hair loss.
Each hair loss weakens the hair fibre, ultimately leading to thinned hair, with no strength nor beauty. Generally speaking, you have less volume and sometimes even the impression of a visible scalp.

The PHYTOCYANE Revitalizing serum has been developed to fight against this type of reactional hair loss: in 3 months, the hair loss is slowed down. Moreover, this treatment does not overlook the beauty of your hair! They are brighter and more voluminous from the first application.

Directions of use: wash your hair with PHYTOCYANE Shampoo.

In attack phase: 1 vial 3 times a week for 1 month.  In the maintenance phase: 1 vial per week for 2 months.
1. Break the vial and place the applicator tip.
2. Apply the contents of the ampoule section by section to towel-dried hair on the scalp.
3. Massage lightly to promote product penetration.
4. Style your hair.

Chronic hair loss is accentuated during fall

If you notice that your hair is falling in quite large quantities every day for more than 6 months, it is certainly because you suffer from chronic hair loss.
More common in men, it can be slowed down by PHYTONOVATHRIX Ultimate hair loss treatment. It targets all factors to promote hair growth: prolongation of the anagen phase (hair growth), energy production necessary for hair growth. This 99% natural treatment stimulates growth, slows down hair loss and makes your hair stronger and denser!

Directions of use: After PHYTONOVATHRIX Shampoo, on towel-dried hair, apply the entire vial using the applicator tip to the scalp, section by section, then gently massage your scalp. DO NOT RINSE. Style the hair. Use 3 times a week for 3 months!

The first signs of hair loss: when premature hair loss worsens

More common among young men, premature hair loss is characterized by the start of androgenetic alopecia at the end of puberty. Although it is reversible, using the right treatments and taking the proper steps as quickly as possible is the key to success. It goes without saying that extra attention is needed during the change of seasons, particularly spring and fall.

As far as anti-hair loss treatments are concerned, our best recommendation is PHYTOLIUM+ Anti-Hair Loss Treatment for Men. This treatment consists of two hair care products: the Initial Stages Fortifying Shampoo [82% natural] and the Initial Stages Fortifying Treatment [93% natural].

The treatment’s formula is focused on the essential. It is capable of making hair more resistant and preserving its appearance thanks to a combination of two unique active ingredients: Shiitake extract and Vitamin B3.

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