Taming unruly, frizzy hair

Tired of dealing with constant frizz? Let us show you how you can get it under control.

Dreaming of perfectly tamed hair but forced to deal with unruly locks and frizz instead? We totally understand what a nuisance frizz can be! Don’t despair—we’ve also got the anti-frizz solutions you need.

What exactly is frizz?

Frizz is the result of hair that is dry and sensitive to humidity.
In fact, since it is capable of absorbing 30% of its weight in water, dry hair soaks up the humidity in the air, which causes the hair shaft to swell and collapse.
The result is frizzy, untamed hair that is practically impossible to style!

Recognizing untamed hair

Did you know that hair type has very little to do with having untamed hair? Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, fine, or thick, unruly hair is definitely a possibility!
Untamed hair is:
  • frizzy
  • dehydrated and extremely sensitive to humidity
  • prone to quickly losing its style (brushing, straightening…)
  • untamed

Now that you know how to recognize frizzy hair, here’s what you can do to tame it!

Tame your hair with hydration

Smooth hair cuticles (the scales that surround the hair) are the secret to tamed hair. And smooth hair cuticles are the result of hair that is well hydrated and has a healthy hydrolipidic film.
Smooth hair cuticles therefore result in hair that is soft and supple.
For an extra boost of hydration, consider adding a hydrating care product from the PHYTOJOBA line to your routine. The Moisturizing Care Gel is the perfect complement to the PHYTODÉFRISANT products, which are made especially for naturally smoothing and taming unruly hair.

Anti-humidity shield

In addition to keeping hair fibre hydrated in order to smooth cuticles, it is essential to arm hair with the weapons it needs to protect itself against humidity.
One humidity-protecting ingredient used by PHYTO Paris is Mallow extraction. Recognized since ancient times for its softening and anti-inflammatory virtues, this ingredient helps prevent water from penetrating the hair fibre while also keeping hair hydrated for longer.
Mallow extraction is a key ingredient in all three products of the PHYTODÉFRISANT anti-frizz line!

The best anti-frizz tricks

Now that you know which products to use, here are some extra tips and tricks for your daily haircare routine.
First, you must absolutely rinse off your hair in COLD or lukewarm water since this will seal hair cuticles.
When it’s time to dry off, a microfibre hair towel is a much better option than a traditional bath towel! And remember to limit the amount of time you keep your hair under wraps. The goal is to air dry your hair for as long as possible!
Another good idea is to purchase a soft, gentle hairbrush that will not damage hair fibre. A synthetic bristle brush is a good option.

And, lastly, sleep on a silk pillowcase. Since it prevents your hair from being exposed to constant friction, it’s a great way to keep curls (and even straight hair) in check.
There you have it! You’re now equipped to live a frizz-free life - enjoy it!

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