Summer Hair Accessory Ideas

Hair accessories are the ultimate stylish touch. So, we hunted down the prettiest ones, which we’ve gathered for you here—and we’ll even tell you where you can find them!

The PHYTO Paris scrunchie x @soha_co.

What could be more fun and practical than a scrunchie? As we’re sure you already know, scrunchies are super handy for creating everything from the simplest hairstyles to more elaborate looks.
And, because scrunchies are a staple in any wardrobe, PHYTO Paris created its very own limited-edition scrunchie with the help of Quebec-based accessory and jewelry brand SOHA & Co. This satiny, light blue scrunchie is sure to look fabulous with hair of any colour and length!


The Bucket Hat from @lou.accessoires

You might remember us telling you all about them in the Summer Trends article, and we’ll remind you once again: the Bucket Hat is everywhere this summer! Not only does it instantly make any outfit look youthful and stylish, it’s also an easy-to-wear accessory that protects you from the sun! Take this must-have along with you on all your summer adventures!


Long, thin barrettes from @MIMIANDAUGUST

Once you realize how practical barrettes are for keeping your hair out of your eyes, you won’t be able to go without them! They’re also a great fashion accessory that adds that perfect extra touch to any look.


Crochet hats from

If you’re tired of the same old Panama or straw hats and looking to change things up, here’s a new option that we absolutely adore: the crochet hat!
Available in a variety of gorgeous colours, we love this hat’s versatility and ability to be worn a variety of different ways. Brim up or down—the choice is yours! And, of course, the sun protection it provides for your hair and face is definitely a bonus.

Colourful hair clips from @horacejewelry

They’re back—and boy did we miss them! These big hair clips, reminiscent of the early 2000s, make it a breeze to keep your hair looking tamed and stylish! One major difference is that now they come in tons of great colours, making them the perfect match for your vibrant summer wardrobe. A definite must-have during a heat wave!


Assorted matching scrunchies from @fcapuanomtl

The first rule of scrunchie-wearing? Your scrunchie absolutely has to match your outfit! F.CAPUANO keeps it easy with scrunchies made of the same fabric as its clothing… talk about convenient!


Minimalist barrettes from @annie.lesperance

This jewelry line, available on Etsy, also features hair accessories—specifically, minimalist barrettes that are both discrete and original. They blend perfectly with your hair, helping create a chic and unforgettable look!


Scarves from @simons

Without a doubt, these are some of our favourite summer accessories. Although scarves were already a fashion trend, they’re a true staple when it comes to your summer wardrobe. They add such an original and modern touch to your look, it would be a shame to do without them! Play around with different patterns and fabrics, and discover what best suits your style. The key is just to have fun with it!


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