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Discover the new Spring-Summer 2020 Trends in Hairstyles & Hair Accessories to adopt ASAP

Spring Summer 2020 Hairstyles trends

Being stylish isn't just about getting the right colour or the right haircut. It's also about adding pretty hairstyles and accessories to your hair, for a complete and sophisticated look. Looking for inspiration? We give you some here! 

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You'll find in the selection we've made for you, hairstyles super easy to do & super fun for summer!

The tied braid, high or low!

This warrior look is perfect to match war or desert inspired outfits, with materials like linen and beige, brown or khaki tones. 

The tied braid, in addition to being surprisingly simple to make, gives you the choice to wear it high or low, depending on your hair length (short hair should choose the low or mid-height option for instance). Braiding is also an opportunity to highlight shine of your hair, through the waves of your hair.

The Phyto Paris touch: the PHYTOJOBA range, of course! For soft, shiny and moisturized hair, it's the best. How? Thanks to Jojoba Milk and Mallow extraction. 

Tied braid hairstyle 2020

Straight hair, flipped inwards

Why do we love this hairstyle? Because it allows you to have loose hair, but still keep all the style you need. Plus, it gives your hair an instant feeling of volume! 

To achieve it, you need nothing more than a straightening iron to tame your hair with a slight flip inside.

The Phyto Paris touch: the PHYTOKÉRATINE Extreme cream, essential to protect your hair from the heat of the straightening iron and prevent it from being damaged! By applying a dab of the cream before straightening, you avoid the numerous split ends and ends, typical of hair that is too straight - and too damaged.


The slightly wet hair

A variation of the sleek wet hairstyle - "wet effect" - which appeared one or two years ago on the red carpets, this hairstyle is ideal for summer evenings, to have a sophisticated and sexy look without too much effort. 

In a bob, half-tail or side-hair, the concept remains the same: you give the hair, especially the hair on the edge of the forehead, a flat or even wet - out of the pool - effect.
How do you do it? With gel and hairspray, of course!
We flatten the hair as much as possible, with hairstyles such as tail or half ponytail, buns... All options are allowed, we can even combine wet hair and knotted braid! It's the ideal combo.

Don't forget: bangs aren't compatible with this hairstyle. We pull them back too!

The Phyto Paris touch: PHYTOLAQUE Design, of course. We like it because it's a high-precision finishing hairspray based on natural ingredients, which fixes the hair without sticking! Easy and practical, you can take it everywhere with you. What's more, it's easy to brush out.

slightly wet hair tied summer 2020 hair trends


The full, long and voluminous bangs

No need to cut. No need for maintenance. The full bangs simply move the front of your parting, and take the strand of hair to the top of your forehead, to the side! It's simply a hand movement to adopt. 

Simple, quick and natural, this hairstyle highlights your facial lines and gives your hair even more volume. Perfect for the days when your hair lacks dynamism!

The Phyto Paris touch: the PHYTOVOLUME range, for sure! To obtain maximum length on the fringe and the rest of the hair, you need a treatment that gives lightness and volume to your hair - from roots to ends. The secret: care that doesn't weigh hair down, but still takes perfect care of it! 

full, long and voluminous bangs summer 2020 trend



It's like we're living in Back to the Future this year! In other words, we're bringing out the essentials of the years 1990-2000, we're working on them to bring them up to date, and that's it! 

The return of the clip

Yep, the clip, the one from the 2000s! 20 years later, it's back, and it's still as practical as ever.
You take the hair or part of the hair, you place it as you want and hop! You put a clip on it. Admit it's one of the most practical hair accessories there is. In terms of design, the brands have made some changes to this accessory to bring it up to date : look at Simons or Asos !

The Phyto Paris touch: as practical as the hair clip, it's the PHYTO 7 Day Cream. Its useful format can be carried everywhere with you! The advantage of this day cream is that it moisturizes the hair to give it back its full shine - while effectively protecting it. 

Hair clip summer trend 2020


The headband, the classic headband of our childhood...

You're not the type to throw away your old stuff, are you? Good, because now you can take out your headbands, you know, the big ones and made of fabric!
The effect of this easy-to-use accessory is an elegant and childishly cute look, ideal for all styles! It's up to you how you wear it: by pulling all your hair back, or by holding your bangs or a few strands of hair at the front of the headband.

The Phyto Paris touch: no frizz accepted with headbands,. The solution: PHYTODÉFRISANT Botanical Straightening Balm. To be applied to very wet hair before drying, it tames frizz and prevents humidity from harming your smooth style

classic headband trend hairstyle 2020


The triangle headscarf

Simply amazingly beautiful for a summer look. The triangle headscarf is placed on top of the head, leaving the hair free and the front strands visible!
Why do we love it? Because all choices are allowed in terms of fabrics, patterns, scarf layout...
In addition, this accessory has the advantage of protecting your head from the sun: it is a significant precaution to take when the sun is strong!

The Phyto Paris touch: the PHYTOPLAGE Protective Sun Veil. It offers invisible, non-greasy sun protection for hair exposed to the sun, the sea or the pool! Thanks to its UV filter, this hair veil effectively protects your hair. 


Front crossover headband

You're starting to see it everywhere, aren't you? The big t crossed headband at the front is the guarantee of a fun but elegant look that fits all your outfits and haircuts!
For an amazing look, create maximum volume on your lengths. It's the perfect time to curl or wave your hair.

The Phyto Paris touch: the PHYTOVOLUME Spray. Whether you apply it when you get out of the shower or on dry hair, this Spray offers a volume effect from roots to ends, and is activated by heat!

front crossover headband style

Now that you've finished reading this article, go shopping for the essential accessories, then run off to enjoy the summer, alone or with friends! This summer season is the perfect time to get your dose of relaxation and energy.


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