Smooth Frizzy Hair and Get rid of Humidity in one Gesture

Eliminate frizz on unruly hair, a.k.a. the number one enemy of your hair's beauty.

How to smooth Frizzy hair humidity

Frizz; this short, cute little word hides its game well. Because in reality, frizz is unsustainable ! No matter if you have short, long, straight, or curly bobs, the ultimate goal is to achieve shiny and soft hair ! Good news is that there are ways to discipline them. All it takes is the right gestures, and the right hair care, every day!

Frizz: what and why is it?

Frizz is nothing but open, spiky hair cuticles, a sign of a lack of hydration and nutrition at the heart of the hair fibre. Open cuticles are evidence of an intense lack of moisture. Why do hair get more frizz in the summer? Because when humidity levels are high, water particles in the atmosphere cling to the dry cuticle, lifting it and frizzing them.

The Anti-Frizz Routine: Hydration

To a simple problem, a simple answer: you need to maintain and reinforce the hydration levels of your hair on a daily basis. All you need to do is to use specialized moisturizing hair care products.

For dry, straight or wavy hair, the PHYTOJOBA range is what you need: the Shampoo, Mask and Moisturizing Care Gel are a must to give your hair the perfect moisture and nutrition. Composed of Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Milk and Mallow Extraction, PHYTOJOBA moisturizes hair from roots to ends without weighing it down.

For curly, coiled or relaxed hair, you need PHYTOSPECIFIC. This range has been designed exclusively for this indomitable hair kind. Formulated from vegetable keratin, baobab oil, shea butter, castor oil... In short, paradise for curly, frizzy or coiled hair, for extreme nutrition and efficient styling.

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Anti-Frizz Shampoos

A little note on this subject: there's no need to wash your hair every day thinking that it will hydrate and nourish it and therefore eliminate frizz more quickly! While using moisturizers is the right thing to do, regular washing does no good for the hair. Remember that hair is dry because it lacks sebum. Remember: sebum is created in the scalp. Therefore, if you wash your hair too often, the sebum dissolves and the hydrolipidic film doesn’t have time to build up satisfactorily!

Concerning the choice of shampoo, do it according to your hair type and your needs. Our 2 favourite haircare are the PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo for dry hair and the PHYTOSPECIFIC Rich Moisturizing Shampoo for curly hair!

Anti-Frizz Masks

The advantage with the Phyto Paris Masks is that they make 2-in-1 conditioner and mask. The only difference is the leave-in time, and therefore the intensity of the treatment. Indeed, you do not need to leave the mask always on for 10 minutes. Sometimes only 2 minutes can be enough. The main thing is to do it after each shampoo! 

For an anti-frizz action, we highly recommend the PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Mask and for curly hair the PHYTOSPECIFIC Rich Moisturizing Mask. Both have the same goal: to strengthen the hydrolipidic film in depth, to recreate a protective barrier that slows down water evaporation and stops dehydration, and to nourish and moisturize the hair fibre. This is the guarantee against frizz and well-closed cuticles! Result: dry hair is easy to untangle, it regains softness and suppleness because the scales are well closed and there is no more frizz.

100% Anti-Frizz treatment: PHYTODÉFRISANT, Botanical Straightening Balm

PHYTODÉFRISANT Botanical Straightening Balm is the ultimate solution for smoothing and taming frizz in all hair types. To use when you get out of the shower, on very wet hair, simply apply a dab of gel all over your hair and comb through! Wait a while and then blow-dry your hair.

The result is amazing: the hair is better structured, better defined, it shines with a thousand lights! For curly hair, you will immediately notice that the curls are drawn, defined to perfection. For those who prefer a smooth blow-dry to a brush, you will hardly need the iron to complete.

For daily use: leave-in care

Every morning, take the right steps by applying the leave-in care of your choice.
For this matter, you have plenty of choice. For example, you can choose PHYTOJOBA Hydrating Care Gel for fine, straight or wavy hair: the aim is to continuously diffuse moisturizing active ingredients into the heart of the hair fibre thanks to the HydraSoin technology. In synergy with the moisturizing action of Jojoba milk and Mallow extraction, three natural bio-polymers form a protective veil on the hair surface that gradually releases a moisturizing complex (glycerin, trehalose, serine, urea) throughout the day! 

To moisturize curly and frizzy hair, choose the PHYTOSPECIFIC Moisturizing Styling Cream: it’ll help to style your locks, with a moisturizing and nourishing action.

To intensely nourish very dry curly or frizzy hair, choose the PHYTOSPECIFIC Nourishing Styling Butter. This revitalizing balm is formulated with Shea butter for frizzy or straightened hair that is extremely dry, damaged, porous or brittle. In addition, the fast-absorbing formula protects the hair from UV rays and external aggression!

Last but not least: Anti-Frizz gestures to adopt

Now that you know the right products to use, it's time to know the daily gestures to perform.

First, rinse your hair with COLD water. In addition to the warrior's courage feeling and the firming that it gives us, cold water allows your scales to close up effectively! 

Then, forget traditional bath towels. Switch to a microfiber towel for your hair, and don't leave your hair under the towel indefinitely. The objective: to dry them as much as possible in the open air! 

Continue by buying a soft hair brush that respects the hair fibre. You can either opt for the traditional boar bristle brush or support the animal cause by choosing a synthetic bristle brush. 

Finally, sleep on a silk pillow: it is the guarantee of respect for curls and even smooth hair, because the friction is much less important on this material. 


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