Should you hide or flaunt your grey hair?

Grey hair solutions whether you want to make them disappear or sublimate them.

Everyone has a very different relationship with their grey hair! When some try to hide or remove them, others take full responsibility for them. That's good. There are solutions for everyone!

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Why do we have grey hair?

Greying hair is the development of a pigmentary disorder of melanin through the effect of genetic control. At different points of our lives, we all become inevitably affected by this pigment deficiency, depending on our DNA structures and genetic heritage. 

In addition, hydrogen peroxide, famous for its bleaching action, naturally present in the hair but usually inhibited by catalase, is becoming more and more present because catalase loses its activity. Result: the peroxide accumulates and decolours the hair.

Minus - Bonus: grey hair changes in structure. Hair is more brittle, more difficult to discipline. 

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First solution: Cover it up!

Do you cover grey hair with hair dyes?

Used for thousands of years (first noticed in Ancient Egyptian culture), hair colouring is considered the ultimate solution for colouring grey hair. All you have to do is choose from the thousands of different dyes available, then trust your hairdresser, and say goodbye to grey hair!
The only downside is that once you start colouring your hair, you need to maintain the colour every month - by yourself or a professional.

PHYTO Paris advice: to take care of your colour and keep it as long as possible, use a hair care range for coloured hair!
PHYTOCOLOR is perfect for this: the products encapsulate the colouring pigments inside the hair fibre. The colouring lasts longer. Hair is more beautiful, more radiant and easier to maintain!

You don't want to dye them, but you'd like your natural colour back?

After all these centuries, there is now a solution to fight against grey hair, in a 100% natural way and without colouring pigment!
A discovery made at the heart of PHYTO Paris Laboratories after 6 years of research lead to this innovation: the RE30 peptide.
This peptide acts at the root in 2 steps. 

First, it stimulates pigmentation by stimulating melanocyte activity (you know, those who synthesize melanin). Also, it facilitates the transfer of melanin into the hair fibre.

Then, the RE30 peptide protects against depigmentation: it boosts catalase, which in turn fights hydrogen peroxide more effectively.
After 3 months, the results showed a 30% decrease in the number of grey hairs.

To all concerned: PHYTO RE30 does not cause grey hair to fall out. It stimulates repigmentation, from the root to the tip of the tips!
Directions for use: apply 8 sprays of PHYTO RE30 to the entire scalp, then massage to penetrate the product. To see the results, it is imperative to do so every day, with great rigour!

Choose a bob or even a boy's haircut! Our only recommendation: don't go over your shoulders!
Also, we do not recommend a strict colour, nor the fringe. Instead, use a side-swept bang to boost the cut!

You're comfortable with your greys and you'd like to maintain a flawless bright white!

Grey hair can look yellowish. To avoid this, there is only one solution: PHYTOARGENT No Yellow Shampoo. It already sublimates grey and white hair from the first use!

You now know everything about grey hair! All you have to do is choose whether you want to sublimate them or hide them.


Because of the structure changes, it is particularly important to take care of your hair.
Here is an example of the ideal routine:
1. Stimulate the scalp every week with PHYTOPOLLÉINE Pre-shampoo.
2. Add strength, volume and density with PHYTODENSIA Serum.
3. Reinforce hair and nails with the PHYTOPHANÈRE food supplement.


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