Shampoos: 4 rules to combine them effectively

Golden rules to better combine shampoos according to your hair needs

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It's hard to make a choice when it comes to shampoos: you never know if you should choose a shampoo that meets the needs of your scalp or those of your lengths. To that, we answer you that you can actually combine them, but, you have to respect these 5 golden rules.

Shampoos are miraculous products on their own to meet your hair needs: they can treat, clean and beautify your hair! Among all the shampoos available, it can be difficult to make a choice; what if you have grey hair, but you also want to increase density? No more adage: - choosing is giving up-, the ultimate solution is to combine!

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1. Wash your hair, or more precisely your scalp

It is a gesture that we have been doing since our toddler days and that we continue to do every week of our lives. But what exactly is it used for? Washing your hair is above all about removing the sebum accumulated on your scalp: a natural oil produced by your body, which aims to protect and nourish your scalp, and therefore your hair! In too large a quantity, sebum can grease your hair, can cause irritation and even dandruff. Washing your hair is also necessary to remove all accumulated impurities: pollution, dirt, cigarette smoke, dust... Each of Phyto's shampoos is therefore made of a washing base without sulfate, generally accompanied by a foaming agent such as coconut oil for example!

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2. BFF shampoos: treating and beauty shampoos

As you can guess, the scalp is the most important part we need to wash to remove excess sebum and impurities. If you have scalp problems, such as dandruff, oily hair, hair loss or itching, you must use treating shampoos. They address these problems from the root to ensure rapid and long-lasting results. Some problems need to be dealt without a pause, while others can be solved, and come back periodically! The beautifier shampoos ensure that your hair looks healthy and shiny by acting according to the condition of your lengths and ends: dry, damaged, refined... the needs are numerous! It is important to maintain beauty shampoos, as they also meet the needs of your hair. In any case, the needs are not contradictory and must be addressed separately. 

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For example, this is how the routine of someone with dry hair, dealing sometimes with dandruff, would look like:

As soon as dandruff appears, use PHYTOSQUAM Intense Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo: as a 2-week treatment, it eliminates dandruff, purifies and rebalances the scalp while maintaining the beauty of your hair.  Let’s take this opportunity to remind you that a treating shampoo does not neglect the beauty of the hair: it will always make it softer and shinier, guaranteeing hydration.  After the 2-week cure, she can be back to normal by alternately using PHYTOSQUAM Maintenance Shampoo one day, and PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo another day! 

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3. Don't do 2 different shampoos on the same day, better alternate!

When you wash your hair, it is essential to do 2 shampoos,  the first to make sure the hair is cleansed, by removing sebum and impurities. The second shampoo to sublimate them and treat the need in-depth.  However, the process must be conducted with the same type of shampoo, to maximize its effectiveness. Choose your personal rotation according to the days of your week: on Monday you use PHYTOAPAISANT twice, on Thursday it will be PHYTODENSIA, on Saturday... in a nutshell. You get the logic!

4. Maintain your lengths with complementary care

If you have dandruff and want to sublimate the beauty of your colored hair, you need to go further. If PHYTOCEDRAT is enough for oily scalp, you need to use PHYTOMILLESIME shampoo to sublimate your coloured ends with other treatments from the same line! From pre-shampoo to protective mist, you have a wide range of choices. However, additional cares should only be applied to the lengths!

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