Repigmenting white hair: how does PHYTO RE30 work?

Discover the secrets of PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment, capable of naturally repigmenting grey hair.

Grey hair: causes and explanations

The appearance of grey hair is a natural phenomenon referred to as canities, which affects a large part of the population—seemingly earlier and earlier.
This natural phenomenon, which is often viewed as a sign of premature aging, can actually occur at any age and happens earlier or later depending on genetics. In general, the first grey hairs begin to appear in the mid-thirties for some people and in the mid-forties for others.
The specific area where grey hair first appears depends largely on gender—while men usually start greying at the temples, women tend to get their first grey hairs near the forehead.
What exactly causes hair to turn grey?
Grey hair is the result of a pigmentation defect caused by a lack of melanin and depigmentation of existing pigments, caused by an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide.
When hair turns grey, not only has it experienced a change in colour, its structure’s internal fibre has also been altered. It becomes fragile, prone to frizz, unruly, and also grows faster.
Until very recently, colouring hair was the only way to get rid of grey. But now, there’s another option—naturally repigmenting grey hair thanks to PHYTO RE30.

The discovery of Peptide RE30 – the key ingredient behind the PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment

As experts in hair aging, PHYTO Paris Laboratories took interest in the genesis of greying in order to better understand how it works and propose comprehensive treatment and management of grey hair.
After 6 years of research, they have managed to identify a unique molecule called RE30 peptide.
This molecule targets the root in two steps:
  • revives pigmentation and generates a rise in melanin synthesis, by increasing the transfer of melanosomes.
  • protects against depigmentation by boosting catalase and inhibiting hydrogen peroxide.

The natural ingredients at the heart of PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment

Having discovered Peptide RE30 as a solution for repigmenting grey hair, researchers combined it with Purple Tulip extract, an active ingredient with proven and patented restructuring properties which makes hair strong and supple.
As such, grey hair is transformed from fragile, brittle and prone to frizz—to renewed and strengthened.

The results of the PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment

The PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment has proven its effectiveness for several years already.
Clinical studies have shown that users experience:
  • 77%* fewer grey hairs
  • +38%* natural repigmentation
And, they are proud to share how satisfied they are!
“Amazing results, 90% of my grey hair is repigmented. What an amazing product!” Mélanie D., Laval.
“Product is practical to apply and easily absorbed by the scalp (…). Works well alongside the other Phyto products that I use and trust.” Éric D., Montréal.

PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment: how to use it

PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment is applied daily over the entire scalp.
Easy to use:
- Apply 8 pumps to wet or dry scalp
- Gently massage the scalp to help penetrate.
- Do not rinse.
Good to know: 1 bottle is enough for one month of use. Effects will first be noticeable after 2 months of daily use.
Now that you know all of the secrets behind PHYTO RE30 Grey Hair Treatment, all that’s left to do is try it for yourself.

*Clinical study on 32 volunteers over 12 weeks – daily application - % of satisfaction.

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