Q&A: the PHYTO Paris haircare routine

Elisabeth Gagnon, National PHYTO Paris Education Manager, answers your most frequently asked questions about the PHYTO Paris haircare routine!

We gathered up your FAQs and figured the best person to answer them for you is our expert, Elisabeth Gagnon. So, without further ado, here are four of the top questions you’ve asked about the PHYTO Paris haircare routine along with Elisabeth’s insightful answers!

How do I know which shampoo to choose?

In order to choose the right shampoo, you have to start by identifying the type of hair you have—is it fine, coloured, dry, damaged?
You also have to understand what your hair needs most at the moment—repair, colour protection, more volume?

Here’s an example to illustrate: if your scalp is dry, there’s a good chance your hair is too. You are therefore best off choosing a shampoo with hydrating and soothing properties to ensure that you don’t worsen the condition of your scalp, which is the source of healthy hair.
If your hair and scalp have different needs, I suggest using a shampoo to meet your scalp’s needs and a mask to meet your hair’s needs. For example, you can use PHYTOAPAISANT Shampoo to soothe your scalp and PHYTOKERATINE Repairing Care Mask to repair your damaged hair.


Why doesn’t PHYTO Paris make a conditioner?

Generally speaking, conditioner only serves to slightly smooth hair fibre after shampooing to make detangling easier. In other words, conditioner does not have a long-term effect on hair.
A mask, however, has repairing properties. Because it sits on the hair for longer, it is capable of deeply penetrating the fibre, allowing hair to truly enjoy the benefits of the botanical ingredients it contains.
As such, instead of conditioner, Phyto Paris makes masks that can be used for express haircare or, once a week, as a deep treatment. This two-in-one formula is perfect for all your haircare needs!

What are the main benefits of using products made with botanical ingredients?

For over 50 years, PHYTO Paris has been the leader in plant-based haircare products. Our products are created based on the principle that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp.
A typical PHYTO Paris haircare product can contain up to 40 plant extracts and essential oils that work in perfect harmony with the scalp and hair.
Each botanical active ingredient was specially selected for its power to care for the scalp and hair as well as for its gentleness. Needless to say, the ingredients contained in PHYTO Paris products work perfectly with all types of scalps!
As our founder used to say: “The ecosystem of the hair and scalp is alive and precious. Learning to respect it is Phyto Paris’s vocation!

Elisabeth’s best tips for the most beautiful hair

PHYTO PARIS offers a wide range of must-have products that provide added care for your hair and scalp. Let me tell you a bit about PHYTO’s 2 cult favourites.
First is PHYTOPOLLEINE, a Pre-Shampoo that is perfect for any type of scalp and helps restore its natural balance. PHYTOPELLEINE works with all hair types and even the most sensitive scalps, and has detoxifying properties that can be attributed to its high concentration of essential oils. What’s more, this treatment is 100% natural! 
Plus, when used along with PHYTOPHANÈRE—which has been the reference in dietary supplements for hair and nails since 1980—they form the ideal duo for helping your hair reach its full potential!
My third and final suggestion is PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel - a favourite among those with dry hair. This fresh, melting gel takes things one step further by hydrating the hair fibre deep down. Thanks to HYDRA-CARE technology, the Gel hydrates hair throughout the day and prevents dehydration by trapping moisture inside the hair fibre. This haircare product is recommended for all hair types and can be used any time of day, for an extra dose of care!

Thank you for your valuable insight Elisabeth!  


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