Protect your hair from frizz & cold in winter

Here you will find some solution to hair-existential problems in wintertime.

In winter, hair doesn't really get what's happening to them. They're crushed under hats & caps. Sometimes covered in snow. They start freezing at -20 degrees. Get that? Here you will find some solution to hair-existential problems in wintertime.

1. My hair becomes flat after I wear beanies

When it's really cold outside, (basically every day if you leave in Canada) no choice but to wear a cap to keep our head warm (body heat is lost especially through the head). You've all experienced this: you take off your cap and the hair is flat, without any volume, suddenly charged with electricity.

Why? Because the hair is wholly flattened against the scalp after being crushed for too long. Also, the hair can create static electricity and remain stuck on the scalp - or on the contrary - flow all over the place! 

PHYTO Paris advice: first, take off your cap as soon as possible. In the subway, in the car, in the cafés... keep it on only when really needed.
Then, clear everything that weighs down the hair and chooses treatments accordingly.

Another reason for the flat effect could also be that there is less hair. The change of season might trigger hair loss. As a result, the density necessarily decreases! So choose anti-hair loss treatments, such as PHYTOCYANE or PHYTONOVATHRIX, to restore the hair and density you naturally have.

Bonus tip: misuse of the beany can cause scalp imbalance. To avoid this, use the PHYTOPOLLEINE Pre-Shampoo once a week! It balances the scalp, stimulates it and regulates sebum production. Very useful in this season! 

2. Hair gets tangled very easily

The constant friction between the tuque and the scarf results in hair that is completely tangled, dry and difficult to untangle.
Why? Because it lacks hydration and protection. Well-hydrated hair will be soft and easy to untangle! For thin hair, it's even worse.

PHYTO Paris advice: you urgently need to moisturize, with the PHYTOJOBA range for instance. In extreme situations, the hair fibre needs to be repaired. So choose the treatments from the PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTREME range

Every morning, apply leave-in hair care, according to your needs! PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel is perfect for that. You can also use PHYTO 7 or PHYTO 9 day creams, depending on your hair type. 

Besides, choose a hairstyle that will prevent friction, such as a braid, for example!

3. Static electricity in your hair is unbearable

You turn into a Medusa (you know, the villain with flying snakes instead of hair), every time you brush your hair, remove your beany or get closer to a piece of clothing? 

That's normal. Due to friction, static electricity is created and accumulates in the hair. Like magnets, hair is attracted by opposite charges (that of objects).
Why the hair? Because it's on the edges, drier and lighter. Thinner hair is even more sensitive because it is even lighter!

PHYTO Paris advice: your priority is to moisturize and protect your hair daily so that it stores as little static as possible. It is necessary to sheath the hair fibre to avoid breakage and frizz. For this, do not leave your home without applying a leave-in treatment! Advice from us? PHYTODEFRISANT

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4. I don't know how to style my hair anymore

During summer, we tend to go into more complex or funky hairstyles: braids, curls, buns... It's a hairdressing paradise.
In winter, on the other hand, we will wear a hat or a tuque to keep us warm and a few hairstyles can resist this accessory!

PHYTO Paris advice: So what can you do to change a little bit of losing hair in winter?
First, you can change the traditional toque for a charming headband. There are even some very glamorous options that will add style to your outfit while keeping your ears warm. Finally, go for accessories that are easy to put on and take off: clips, headband, barrettes, bobby pins... The choice is huge!

5. It's drier and duller

Exactly! Cold, snow, ice, and HYPER dry air, due to the lack of humidity, makes hair very dry and difficult to style. The cold makes the hair fibre more vulnerable. It removes water from the hair and makes it dry and brittle.

PHYTO Paris advice: Add a few hair care treatments that are designed to moisturize your hair ritual. For example, PHYTOJOBA moisturizing range will protect hair from the cold!
You now know everything about the consequences of cold on your hair. Never forget to pamper them as much as you do in this cold season... and don't hesitate to go for a break in the sun to give yourself a well-deserved break!

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