PHYTOPOLLEINE : The secrets of PHYTO's botanical scalp treatment

Discover everything there is to know about this vegetable elixir, with its many advantages.

"Beautiful hair cannot be conceived without a healthy scalp" 

said Patrick Alès, founder of the PHYTO Paris brand.
As we know, it is essential to maintain the balance of the scalp. It guarantees good hair growth, a balanced hydrolipidic film and a soothed scalp without irritation. 

Romain Alès adds: 

"PHYTOPOLLEINE is a real Swiss army knife! Containing 100% essential oils, it is both vasodilator of the scalp and stimulant of the bulb. It promotes the dynamism of the hair and the cleaning of the scalp.  Indeed, a scalp in good condition, which breathes and lives well, will experience excess heat or cold better than a scalp that is in poor condition."

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100% plant-based pre-shampoo

PHYTOPOLLEINE has been doing wonders since 1969, the year the botanical brand was born! A 25 mL bottle contains 1,750 grams of plant extracts. You'll find 72% essential oils of cajeput, lemon, rosemary, sage and cypress... combined with corn germ oil. All this to stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp.  

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Which hair care treatment suits you best? Discover your haircare routine with PHYTO's diagnostic here.

Your homemade scalp cleansing cure

"For an intense treatment, apply it every 3 days on a dry scalp of course. You have to keep it with heat around for 30 to 45 minutes, or a whole night. Keep it as much as possible! Then, you have to wash your head with a gentle and adapted shampoo - that is not aggressive. Adapt it to your scalp. It can't be strong." 

explains Romain.

Why do it before washing your hair? The treatment needs to work on a dry scalp, and then to be rinsed off. Knowing the percentage of essential oils, you have to remove PHYTOPOLLEINE to prevent it from remaining on the scalp for too long.

Bonus: it's antibacterial. Very useful during the Canadian winter to clean the air in your home! " (In addition to adding a spa smell.)

Hair Loss Myths: true or false?

The scalp treatment for all hair types

Healthy hair is the result of an excellent general balance. When well cared for, hair is soft to the touch and not electric. Brilliant, they attract light. Neither too dry nor too oily, just what it takes to be beautiful naturally, your hair does not have any specific disorder: a chance to preserve, thanks to PHYTOPOLLEINE.

"If your scalp is dry, PHYTOPOLLEINE restarts the whole blood and oxygenation system to provide better hydration.
If you have an oily scalp, it raises sebum to the scalp to cleanse what was blocking the passage of blood and oxygen. Then a shampoo must be used to remove the whole thing."

Magic effects

There are many benefits to PHYTOPOLLEINE that adapt themselves to the needs of your scalp.
Romain gives an example: "I can promise you one thing: if you do it every 3 days, you will see that your hair will regain tone and volume!».

Another funny fact: "Before the launch of PHYTO RE30, my father, Patrick Alès, used PHYTOPOLLEINE three times a week. It delayed the appearance of white hair by 20 years because the colour and pigmentation engine was well maintained!»

Its best friend: PHYTOPHANÈRE

"For ladies, the best duo is PHYTOPOLLEINE and PHYTOPHANERE: within 1 month you will see your nails and hair as you have never seen them before!
Besides, in 1980, nothing existed for beauty as a food supplement. When my father and his partner created it, nothing existed in the field of beauty by interference." By combining the nutrients needed for hair growth, i. e. vitamins B, C and E with fatty acids, hair has everything it needs to be healthy and stronger.

In conclusion, Romain quotes his father: "The ecosystem of hair and scalp is alive and precious. Learning to respect them is Phyto Paris' vocation." Don't wait any longer to give your scalp the best of plants! 

And as a bonus, have a look at this video in which Romain tells the story of the brand's 50 years.


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