phytophanere hair nails supplement

Dietary Supplement

for Hair and Nails
Strength - Growth - Volume

The must-have for beautiful hair and nails since 1980

Two capsules a day will create the look of fuller, thicker, shinier hair and stronger, longer nails. Harnessing the power of natural elements, this cocktail of vitamins, essential fatty acids and plant extracts helps stimulate and strengthen hair and nails, promoting growth and help diminish hair loss.


2 capsules per day, preferably taken with a large glass of water in the morning.


The pioneering dietary supplement
 that has been giving hair and
nails a boost for 4 decades.

Fine, limp,
lifeless hair,
fragile, brittle,
splitting nails…
Our hair and nails reflect our overall state of health on a daily basis.

The term skin appendage describes elements in the human body rich in keratin that primarily play a protective role (hair, nails…).

They require a regular supply of nutrients to ensure healthy
growth. Accordingly, a vitamin and mineral deficiency can have a direct impact on hair and nail quality and growth.


Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins B2 and B5 encourage energy production by the cell. Vitamin B6 is indispensable for the synthesis of proteins, especially cysteine, that makes up keratin. Vitamin B8, is involved in the metabolism of amino acids. Vitamins C and E are involved in preserving the hair bulb and help keep the hair firmly anchored.

Natural oils

Borage, Wheat germ and fish oils ensure a balanced supply of essential fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for cell balance and metabolism.

Natural extracts

Rich in vitamins and minerals brewer’s yeast, Rice bran extract and Acerola extract supplement the supply of nutrients required for healthy hair and nail growth.


This trace element - the most abundant in the body after iron - is involved in the production of keratin proteins. It also helps cells divide correctly and plays a role in hair and nail growth. An antioxidant, it protects against oxidative stress and premature aging of the hair bulb.