Extreme repairing action thanks to the power of botanical keratin and replenishing power with the help of 2 precious active ingredients.

1. Hair fiber repair thanks to botanical keratin

The botanical keratin used by PHYTO consists of 18 amino acids derived from wheat, corn, and soya with biomimetic properties that replicate natural keratin. To inject this botanical keratin into the deepest layers of the hair shaft, PHYTO uses a filler, similar to cutting edge beauty techniques. Botanical keratin is delivered to the exact areas where natural keratin is used. It works very precisely to fill in the gaps and rebuild the initial architecture of hair.

2. Hydrolipidic repair with the help of two precious active ingredients

Sapote butter

- Exceptional richness in essential fatty acids
- Twice the concentration in omega 6 than that of Shea butter
- High lipid-replenishing power

Baobab oil

- A rare and precious oil collected from a legendary and sacred tree.
- Moisturizing
- Nourishing and softening


Exceptional shampoo

95% ingredients of botanical origin - Silicon free & Paraben-free

Exceptional Mask

85% ingredients of botanical origin - Silicon-free & Paraben-free

Exceptional Cream

85% ingredients of botanical origin - Silicon-free & Paraben-free