Phytomillesime The color beautifying care ritual

Day after day, wash after wash, maintaining a flamboyant color is no longer a dream.

Phyto invents an innovative care ritual to prevent color stripping. Within each formula, a meticulously selected cocktail of active ingredients distils all its caring and protective power.
Each product is then enriched with a specific complex or active ingredient, selected to satisfy the requirements of colored hair and highlights at each step of the ritual. The hair has never been so beautiful.
Color has a vibrant intensity and dazzling shine, like the first day of application. 

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phytodensia aging hair phyto range

Phytodensia Renewed youthfulness for hair

Create body, reinject substance to restore the opulence of younger hair. To revitalize aging hair, it is necessary to provide two simultaneous targeted actions on: the hair fiber, by restoring its body, the scalp by creating an environment conducive to the growth of stronger hair. By delivering action on the hair fiber morphology and the aging scalp, Phytodensia brings back the voluptuous hair of your youth. Hair is stronger, more radiant, and more alive-looking.

You can see and feel the results.

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Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional care for ultimate hair repair

Blow-drying, styling, smoothing, hair color, sunlight...  We are incredibly addicted to all hair techniques available today. But there is a problem...our hair suffers visibly! This is why the botanical keratin used by PHYTO consists of 18 amino acids derived from wheat, corn and soya with biomimetic properties to the natural structure of keratin. An exceptional ritual made for ultimate hair repair with the help of two precious active ingredients: the sapote butter,  wealth of essential fatty acids helps ensure impermeability in hair. The rare baobab oil derived from Baobab, a legendary tree, yields a rare and precious oil. With high fatty acid content, it helps restore the hydrolipidic film and the intercellular cement in hair fiber. Hair regains its softness, silkiness and suppleness.

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Phytoelixir Revive ultra-dry hair instantly

More than just nourishing, PHYTOELIXIR intensely replenishes hair with lipids from roots to ends. Hair is never weighed down, its softness, shine and elasticity are ideally restored. Beautiful hair and plant expert Phyto has developed a targeted solution that nourishes hair with the most powerful active complex to revitalize ultra-dry hair. A prodigious duo of lipid-replenishing active ingredients that work in synergy to deliver deep-down nutrition, instantly and for days to come. The narcissus flower wax nourishes and keeps hair lustrous. The Macadamia oil gives nutrition with its fatty acid composition.

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Page Marque Phyto Specific

Phyto Specific The range dedicated for curly, coily and relaxed hair

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