Natural plant-based haircare for coloured hair

Searching for natural, plant-based hair products safe on coloured hair? Meet PHYTOCOLOR care routine.

phytocolor plant based range coloured hair routine

Did you know? 2 out of 3 women have coloured or highlighted hair!

Whether you use a home-colour dye kit or go to the salon, every woman agrees that after a few weeks, hair colour dye tends to lose its intensity and shine begins to fade. In fact, when we colour our hair, we instantly damage the hydrolipidic film that covers it. What's more, this damage, unfortunately, comes back every 7 to 8 weeks.

Each time we colour our hair, it undergoes a chemical attack that opens up the scales of the cuticle, leaving the centre of the hair exposed to external aggressions that can damage it, such as UV rays or pollution.

This process, done repeatedly, will eventually make the hair drier, more porous, duller and more fragile. This is why the hair eventually loses its shine and brilliance!

PHYTOCOLOR, the natural hair care routine for coloured hair with 6 plants

Sulfate-free, silicone-free and dye-free, the formulas are carefully chosen from a selection of natural ingredients and powerful plant-based ingredients that respect the hair fibre and enhance coloured hair.

Tara tannins: The Tara tree grows in the mountains of Peru, at over 3,000 metres above sea level. Extracted from the tree’s pods, Tara tannins boast intense protective power.
Sunflower Sprout Extract: Concentrated with vitality and vitamins, Sunflower Sprouts contain all of the nutrients that enable the plant to grow.
Karanja Oil: Pressed from the seeds of the Karanja tree found in the tropics of Asia, this precious oil is rich in flavonoids, which nourishes the hair fibre, strengthens hair’s hydrolipidic film and naturally absorbs a portion of UV rays.
Hibiscus Extraction: Acidifying, softening and emollient, Hibiscus Extraction neutralizes the alkalinity of hair colour and tightens hair scales while providing intense hydration.
Yacon Extract: Yacon root grows at over 2,000 metres above sea level, between Colombia and northern Argentina. Its botanical nectar, rich in sugars and essential minerals, repairs cuticles and smooths scales to boost shine.

phytocolor range and hair dye

PHYTOCOLOR: an easy 3-step ritual

Step 1: PHYTOCOLOR Color-Protecting Shampoo
This shampoo is a real wonder: besides smelling like heaven, it gently cleanses, protects the colour and revives its shine! Its naturally coloured texture takes its shade from PHYTO's homemade plant extraction. 

Application tip: apply 2 shampoos for maximum effectiveness, and leave the second one on to reinforce its action.

Step 2: PHYTOCOLOR Color-Protecting Mask
This mask with creamy texture is applied along the lengths and ends of hair. You’ll see, it easily melts into damp hair to intensely repair, protect pigment shine and detangle hair. Results are immediate: the colour is revived, the hair is soft and perfectly supple. Although it might be tempting, you don’t need to use much (thankfully the anti-waste tube will help ensure you don’t waste a drop)!

Application tip: Place a small amount in the palm of your hand and warm the product thoroughly and vigorously to achieve a thick texture. Apply to the lengths and ends of hair. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes for express care (as a conditioner), or 5 to 7 minutes for intensive action.

Step 3: PHYTOCOLOR Shine-Activating Care
The fresh and light jelly texture of this treatment makes it easy to apply. By using it every day on the lengths and tips, the colour is protected and the shine is revived. No need to rinse it off, it is immediately forgotten and leaves the hair shiny and very soft.

PHYTOCOLOR care products, a perfect match to PHYTOCOLOR permanent hair colour
If you use PHYTOCOLOR hair colour dye kits, you're glad to use: after all, PHYTOCOLOR care products are the perfect complement!
What's more, by using this duo, you guarantee your hair maximum plant-based ingredients... and therefore respect for the hair and scalp!

There you go! Introductions are made between you and the new treatments your coloured or highlighted hair needs.

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