Natural hair colour dye, what's good?

Natural hair colours offer many advantages: a high-performance hair colour combines with respect of your hair.

Natural hair colour dye gives us the opportunity to colour hair with respect, selecting less harmful ingredients, in the best respect of your scalp and hair. Thanks to innovative scientific discoveries in botanical pigmentation, PHYTO Paris Laboratories succeeded in finding a botanical alternative to the traditional chemical hair colouring process. As a result: achieve a brilliant and natural colour, with total respect for your scalp and hair fibre.

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What about natural permanent hair colour?

DIY hair colour and professional hair colour performed in salons usually contain many harmful ingredients (often added for formula-beautifying reasons) for the hair and scalp. These chemicals can damage up to 70% of the protective envelope of the hair fibre, causing the scalp to be dry, itchy and irritated and hair is dull and lifeless.

I colour my hair, but I'm afraid to use DIY traditional hair colours that could damage my hair and scalp.

We all know the unpleasant smell of hair colours. For those who colour their hair already, we also know the feeling of discomfort and irritation felt on the scalp during and after application. It's quite normal that you're afraid!

I can't find a gentle and respectful product that provides perfect coverage of grey hair and a flawless colour result.

Hair colour should also be the solution for grey hair coverage. What a disappointment when, after colouring, grey hair look less pigmented and still... grey!

For those who've already experienced raw natural pigments that you can mix by yourself, have often saw unwanted colours because they have been incorrectly measured out. A henna coloration is also an available option, which depending on the application time, can quickly fail to give the desired colour! And... are you thinking about the whole - try not to mess everything - vibe?

Respect for the hair and scalp. A natural dye helps.

Unlike conventional permanent hair colour - which requires coloured pigments and ingredients such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to open up the hair cuticle to accommodate the coloured pigments - natural hair coloration excludes harmful ingredients that damage your hair.

PHYTOCOLOR is the first botanical pigments natural hair colour that gives everybody an optimal option without compromises between beauty and the respect of the scalp and hair fibre.

PHYTOCOLOR: Permanent hair colour without Ammonia

The role of Ammonia has been transferred to Ethanolamine, which is an odourless, non-drying catalyst that provides comfort and makes it more pleasant to use. It gently opens the scales of the hair with permanent hair colour. When used in PHYTOCOLOR, it's as effective as Ammonia, which instead has a strong smelling agent that damages and swells the hair fibre to maximize colour penetration, with an irritating effect, harmful to the skin.

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Permanent hair colour without PPD (para-phenylenediamine)

PHYTOCOLOR does not contain PPD (para-phenylenediamine), a dark dye with known allergenic potential, which is the leading cause of post-colouring contact eczema. This ingredient is replaced by a combination of dyes that are just as effective in obtaining darker shades while reducing the risk of allergies.

Permanent hair colour without Resorcinol

PHYTOCOLOR is proudly Resorcinol-free, a dye known as an endocrine disruptor with an irritating effect on the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, has also been replaced by equally effective and less sensitizing dyes.

Respect for the scalp

PHYTOCOLOR natural hair permanent colour has made a promise to be gentle and safe for the scalp. This promise is kept thanks to natural protective and soothing active ingredients for maximum respect of the scalp.

Epaline (patented active), a corn oil derivative, diffuses its anti-irritation, anti-itching and anti-drying molecules to the scalp while putting it under high protection thanks to an invisible insulating microfilm effect.

Jujube bark extract, a plant native to South America, which moisturizes and reduces the process of inflammation, itching and irritation This is how the integrity of the scalp is preserved! PHYTOCOLOR formulas have been tested under dermatological control.

Natural hair colour: an equally beautiful and professional result

To replace synthetic dyes and make the PHYTOCOLOR shade palette, PHYTO Paris has integrated up to 74% botanical pigments depending on the shade into the colour base. These pigments ensure perfect white coverage!

5 plant pigments give the 16 PHYTOCOLOR colours their full radiance:

Alder buckthorn yields a reddish pigment that is used in golden-yellow to cinnamon-brown shades.

Dyer’s madder , of which the roots of this perennial plant contain strong red pigments known as "madder lake."

Plains coreopsis , with orange-yellow pigments into the flower stalks

Dyer’s broom , with orange-yellow pigments extracted from the flowering branches of this shrub.

Logwood , a tree can grow to a height of 15 meters. The pigments are extracted from the wood of the trunk and larger branches, and used to make dark colours. Logwood can also be combined with madder to make beautiful brown shades.

Besides the beauty colour guarantee thanks to plant-based dyes, PHYTOCOLOR guarantees the hair beauty thanks to precious oils for the health of the hair fibre: jojoba and monoi oils (Tiare flower macerated in coconut oil) enrich PHYTOCOLOR hair colours with a powerful nourishing and moisturizing effect. Their fatty acids penetrate into the heart of the fibre to fortify it. The hair is strong, supple, glossy and the colour shines!

The proven effectiveness of natural hair colour

PHYTOCOLOR makes nature go hand in hand with efficiency and safety. First of all, you're guaranteed ease of application: in only 30 minutes, your colour is radiant for several weeks! You also have colour performance guarantees: grey hair is 100% covered. In short, natural hair colours offer everything you need for permanent colour to be done at home. All you have to do is try it out!


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