How to Take Care of curly, coiled and frizzy hair?

Curly, coiled frizzy hair needs PHYTOSPECIFIC to take care of them. Here are our solutions!

Did you know that women with curly, frizzy or coiled hair spend three times more time taking care of their hair? And that they use nine times more haircare products than their sisters with more straight or wavy hair?

Curly, very curly, frizzy and relaxed hair is more fragile, vulnerable and difficult to style; it requires ultra-targeted treatments and regular care. Specific hair care that restores fibres moisture, reinforces the structure, adds shine and makes styling easier.

Phyto Paris made a promise to meet the needs of all hair types. In 1998, the French botanical brand created PHYTOSPECIFIC, the range to meet the needs of all of the curly, frizzy and relaxed hair, entirely plant-based, made by experts with unique know-how.

What makes curly, frizzy and coiled hair special?

Dehydration is the number one enemy of this type of hair. Due to their spiral shape: whether curly, frizzy or coiled, the curl prevents sebum from circulating to the ends and effectively moisturize the lengths. Not to mention overly repetitive treatments, such as relaxers or poorly-adapted gestures (see straightening irons, blowdryers...) that damage already weakened hair!

Unlike straight hair, the implantation in the scalp is parallel to its surface, which is one of the causes of curl formation. Curls lose their spring and hold for a variety of reasons:

- Mechanical treatments such as too intense or repeated brushing or poorly conducted chemical treatments (bleaching, colouring, etc.). These treatments cause the scales of the cuticle to lift, and hair becomes tangled and porous.
- Environmental causes, such as pollution or sunlight.
- The use of unsuitable, heavy or over-greasy products.

After all these explanations, here are your solutions! 

To moisturize and nourish your curly, frizzy and coiled hair

Nothing like a complete ritual to deeply and lastingly moisturize and nourish your hair! We start with the Baobab Oil Hair Bath, to nourish and fortify the hair while moisturizing the scalp. This multi-purpose elixir, with five sublimating plant oils, is used in an oil bath before shampoo. 100% Botanical.

A little extra: it can also be used as a leave-in conditioner on dry hair when styling!

Then wash your hair with the Rich Hydration Curl Shampoo and the Rich Hydration Curl Mask. Together, they moisturize, nourish, soften and help intensely detangle all curly, frizzy and coiled hair!

Effective leave-in hair care is a must for curly hair. 

To moisturize curly and frizzy hair, every day, choose the Moisturizing Styling Cream: it will help to style your hair while rehydrating and nourishing the hair. It is the guarantee of a hydrated, shiny and protected hair!

To intensely nourish your curly or frizzy hair, choose the Nourishing Styling Butter. This revitalizing balm with shea butter is a must-have for dry, frizzy hair, with damaged, porous or brittle hair fibres. Also, the fast-absorbing formula protects the hair from UV rays and external aggressions!

To redesign all types of curls

For fine curly hair, prefer the Curl Legend Energizing Spray. It lightly penetrates the fibres, strengthens and retexturizes curls without weighing hair down. You'll have light, fluffy curls, dense, silky and ultra-soft!

For normal to thick curly hair, you need the: Curl Legend Cream-Gel. In addition to taming frizz, this Cream-Gel nourishes and controls curls' long-lasting styling results.

To relax curls without damage

Sometimes frizzy and coiled hair want to be straightened. Phyto Paris has developed two relaxing treatments to be used only on curly and coiled hair, and only if the hair is in healthy conditions.
There are two PHYTORELAXER Permanent Relaxing treatments:

PHYTORELAXER index 1, for fine curly hair.
PHYTORELAXER index 2, for normal to thick curly hair.

Gentle and hydroxide-free, they are the only relaxant on the market with relaxing active ingredients of 100% natural origin! The egg and the soy-based formula is odourless and chemical-free for ultimate scalp comfort. Relax delicate, fine curly or frizzy hair safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals.

If you decided to relax your curls, try the Thermoperfect Smoothing Care in the same routine when you straighten your hair, it is CRUCIAL to use a "protective shield" against heat. Thermoperfect can protect hair up to 430 degrees when using high-temperature styling tools. Result: no more breakage, dryness or oxidative stress.

For all curly, frizzy and coiled hair, you now know all the solutions to take care of your gorgeous hair! We wish you a good hair care ritual.


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