How To Get Volume for Fine, Flat Hair

Here's how to get volume if you have fine or flat hair.

how to get volume for fine flat hair

Despite all your efforts, your fine hair has no volume and falls flat on your shoulders ! Is it reversible? YES! All you need is the right products and the right advice. Here are some of the solutions you've been looking for!

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Choose a haircut that gives you volume

Sometimes you just need to get the right haircut to give your hair more volume! Long hair is indeed beautiful but may be harder to get perfect volume, unless you are commited to use the right haircare and spend time to blow-dry to perfection! 

Although, if you wisely choose layered cuts: short or long,  brushing gets way easier and hair will feel fresh as spring.

Finally, you may go with a curled hairstyle (always be careful using thermo-protective care products such as PHYTOKERATINE Extreme Cream, of course). 

Curls give instant movement and volume to your hair with ease! Use light hairsprays like PHYTOLAQUE to fix your curls as long as possible, fine hair tend to lose its curls very easily! 

Recommended Haircare products to use for more volume

To take care of fine, flat hair and (finally) achieve volume, you need to use care products 100% designed for this type of hair! What is the primary concern for fine, flat hair? They are indeed sensitive to the heavy texturized care, too heavy, and to the minimum excess of oil. 

What they need is lightness! The solution resides in light vapourizers and textures without oily mixtures.

PHYTO Paris launched a new complete range for your needs: PHYTOVOLUME

The Volumizing Shampoo, the Volumizing Jelly Mask and the Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray will make you forget your flat and fine hair, transforming it into hair full of volume and lightness! 

phytovolume volumizing shampoo lifestyle

STEP 1: PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Shampoo, to restore a lightweight feel 

This shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and offers an instant feeling of lightness. Fine, flat hair get instant volume! Soft and silky smooth, hair is transformed, recovering its body and suppleness.

phytovolume mask texture hands

STEP 2: PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Jelly Mask, to coat the lengths

This jelly has been specifically designed to deliver just the right amount of hair care without weighing down fine, flat hair. Easy to detangle and style, the hair recovers its structure with enhanced suppleness and bounce.

phytovolume lblow dry setting spray lifestyle

STEP 3: PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray, to lift the roots

This lightweight spray launched in 1986 is a cult product for creating beautiful, airy volume! It instantly boosts volume at the roots, while offering hair bounce and hold. The spray’s volumizing effect is maximized when combined with the mechanical blow-drying action.

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The most-effective volumizing gesture: blow-drying

Good to know: In 1964, Patrick Alès, founder of Phyto Paris, invented blow-drying. At the time, hairdressers used rollers to shape hair, he got the idea to combine a round brush with the heat of the hair-dryer, he obtained a temporary hair style that added volume while maintaining the hair’s natural movement. Patrick Alès, founder of Phyto Paris - and of blow-drying : 

“The idea came to me in a flash. What if, instead of having rollers attached to the scalp, I had a mobile roller that, step by step, would shape each section of hair in the right direction? I’d found the answer: blow-drying was born!“

You need to know a few basic rules to be good at blow-drying, here they are now!

Use PHYTOVOLUME Spray, from roots to lengths

Rule number 1 to ensure the success of your blow drying: use a treatment that will boost the volume of fine, flat hair from the roots. PHYTOVOLUME Spray is also able to reinforce the elasticity of the fibre, to give it resilience for a perfect hold of the hairstyle! 

Very important: it is a real thermo-protective shield.

Blow-dry your hair from the roots up

Once the PHYTOVOLUME Spray has been applied to the entire hair and roots, use your blow-dryer (not too hot) and a round brush. Use these 2 essential tools to dry your hair - from the roots to the ends, by lifting the hair well from the roots!

Blow-dry strand by strand
For ideal blow-drying, section your hair into 3 parts, from the bottom to the top.
Dry the lower strands first, then gradually work your way up!

The result of this blow drying will be PHENOMENAL.
Need to see it to believe it? Watch the PHYTOVOLUME tutorial video! 

PHYTOVOLUME Blow-dry tutorial video how to get volume

In conclusion, fine hair will always be fine. But that doesn't mean that you're doomed to lack volume! You just need to adopt the right habits now.


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