How to get Liquid Hair

Eager to try out the new Liquid Hair trend? Just follow our PHYTO Paris guide.


Liquid Hair is the latest look that’s been adopted by all of the biggest celebs: Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa… who pull off this extra-smooth, extra-shiny and extra-fluid look perfectly. If you want to get the same results, let us introduce you to our special Liquid Hair routine.

Step 1: use PHYTOD-TOX Clarifying Shampoo for mega-shine

The most essential part of Liquid Hair is shine and fluidity. And there’s nothing better than Clarifying Shampoo to help you get those results. This fabulous shampoo is capable of removing all impurities from your hair including particle pollution and product build-up, which leave hair heavy and dull.
After this first step, your hair will already be exceptionally light and shiny.

Step 2: tame unruly hair and frizz using PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-frizz Blow-dry Balm

Frizz and unruly hair are Liquid Hair’s worst enemies. To keep things under control, apply a pea-sized amount of Anti-frizz Blow-dry Balm to very wet hair, from root to tip. A cult-favourite of hair stylists for dozens of years, this product provides 72-hour control to keep your locks in place, resulting in a Liquid Hair look that lasts and lasts.

Step 3: protect and repair using PHYTOKERATINE Repairing Heat Protecting Spray

Before drying your hair and using a flat iron to create that ultra-sleek look, don’t forget to protect your hair from the heat (and repair it at the same time, thanks to Botanical Keratin). Simply spray on the Repairing Heat-Protecting Spray along the lengths of your hair, and you’re ready for heat-styling tools!

Step 4: make your hair extra shiny using PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel

Once you’ve dried and straightened your hair, you’ll want to inject a little hydration for the ultimate shine—and to prevent your hair from reacting to static and humidity. A pea-sized amount of PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel is all you need.

Step 5: tame frizz using the PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-frizz Touch-up Care

Way better than hairspray, the PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-frizz Touch-up Care controls unwanted frizz without leaving hair stiff, to help you achieve that coveted fluid look. Apply it just before you leave the house and toss the Touch-up Care in your purse to tame frizz and unruly hair on the go!
And that’s it for your Liquid Hair routine, PHYTO Paris style!

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