How to get beautiful hair?

We all dream about flawless hair. The good news is that having beautiful hair is possible, you just have to adopt the right hair care ritual!

You feel like you're doing everything you can to make your hair look beautiful. Yet it's not as soft, supple and shiny as you'd like it to be. Don't panic: your hair can be as beautiful as in your wildest dreams! We tell you how.

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Understand the needs of the hair & scalp

First of all, you can't get beautiful hair if you don't understand what it really needs. You have to distinguish the needs of the hair - such as having dry, curly or coloured hair - and the needs of the scalp. Does your scalp itch? Is it irritated? Or does it feel like you're thinning hair? Naturally, you should start by addressing the needs of the scalp, then treat the lengths with beautifiers.

Both scalp and hair needs can be met: all you need is the right hair care and a specific ritual. If you feel that your hair needs more than a shampoo and a mask to become flawless, you'll need to support basic cleansing care by other products to achieve ultimate beauty.

Hair loss, loss of density, dandruff... Do you have any of those concerns?
Then you need a special treatment to be integrated into your hair care ritual. For example, hair loss is treated with a serum, whether reactional is PHYTOCYANE, or chronic PHYTONOVATHRIX or thinning hair PHYTOLIUM 4. They should be used several times a week, directly on the scalp, on damp hair, after the shower.

The pre-shampoo

Often times underestimated or considered ''useless'', pre-shampoos are key beauty boosters. Only to be done once a week, they’ll work in-depth for 10 minutes and penetrate the scalp to give the roots powerful actives that will nourish hair strands and prepare to receive extra care from the shampoos.

PHYTO Cult pre-shampoo: PHYTOPOLLEINE. This miracle plant elixir rebalances, tones and regulates your scalp. It's a facial for the scalp!
After leaving it on for 20 minutes, rinse well with a shampoo to remove its essential oils properly.

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The shampoo

Do you know why do we actually use shampoos? Shampoos remove dust, pollution, product build-ups... but also oils and sebum. That's why it's important to wash your hair regularly every 3-4 days. What's more, shampoo is a crucial step in giving your scalp and hair what it needs - like a dose of hydration or soothing! Using the correct shampoos for your scalp conformation is key to achieve seamless strong hair.

Watch out for products' composition. Opt for more natural products that don't contain sulphates or parabens, these may make the product foam more and smell like candy, but they won't do any good to the hair fibres.

While washing, always remember to wash twice. The first shampoo cleans, and the second nourishes scalp and hair, hence the importance of leaving it on for at least 2 minutes depending on your hair type.

The mask

A nourishing mask is an essential step of your hair care ritual, masks envelop the lengths and enrich them with the actives they need, adding beauty and shine in the process. Moisture, hydration, volume, repair, you name it! Each texture is different and made to penetrate hair scales in the right amount.
In just a few minutes, hair gets everything it needs! In short, it's a miracle solution.

The PHYTO Experts advice: You can use masks as conditioners, 1-minute leave-in is enough for a fast release of actives and leave ends soothed and smooth. A moisturizing mask should always be a go-to, no matter the hair type. PHYTOJOBA Hydrating mask is our favourite do-it-all.

Leave-in care

An overseen step that suddenly can make all the difference. One application, a few gestures, every morning, after brushing your hair.
The concept of leave-in hair care is simple: you apply a dab of care starting from lengths to the ends, so as to coat the hair fibre.

To all those who are afraid that leave-in creams will "grease" the hair: relax, it won't happen with PHYTO Paris ones! Our textures have been formulated to moisturize and protect, without weighing down or greasing. No need to use tons of them! A small quantity is enough since they are highly concentrated in plants.

Why do we do this?
Because the hair needs to be protected every day against pollution, impurities, but also against cold or heat. You need to keep your hair hydrated to keep it supple and shiny for as long as possible! 

Styling is important

Styling is important, but at what cost? Choosing styling care that respects the keratin fibres is a must if we want to maintain healthy hair.
For example, PHYTOLAQUE Silk or Design hairsprays will allow you to do all the hairstyles you want, thanks to acacia honey and silk fibroin. Why are these hairsprays the best? Because they structure without crunchy effect, and above all because they are alcohol-free and fragrance-free!

There you go, you have just discovered the ideal ritual to finally get beautiful hair!
To find out which treatment to choose, let us guide you here.

Once you've chosen your treatments, it's time to discover the 10 simple steps to take to have beautiful hair. Let's get started!


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