How to dye hair with PHYTOCOLOR

The complete HOW-TO for PHYTOCOLOR

PHYTOCOLOR, 16 permanent hair colours to dye your hair at home. Made from botanical pigments it doesn't contain PPD, nor resorcinol, nor ammonia. The dyeing pigments derived from natural dyeing plants and guarantee maximum respect for your hair and scalp as well as a natural shade result and 100% coverage of grey hair.


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Step 1: choose wisely your hair colour

When it comes to choosing your colour, you're left with a lot of choices!
First of all, 8 basic colours, from black to very light blond. Then, you can choose between 4 brown colours, from hazelnut brown to deep and intense cappuccino. For blond lovers, you can choose between 4 golden colours, from light chestnut to light golden blond, with shimmering gold highlights!

You've never coloured your hair? Take the time to find the colour of your choice using the colour tablets.

Step 2: when do you have to colour your hair

If your hair is already coloured, wait until you see at least 1 to 2 cm of hair regrowth.
Also, PHYTOCOLOR hair dye - like all other hair colours - should not be done on clean hair: wait 2 or 3 days after your last shampoo before dying your hair! A guarantee that the botanical pigments will penetrate well into the heart of the hair fibre. 

Step 3: Prepare the hair dye

When you open the PHYTOCOLOR kit, you will find:
The Colouring Cream, according to the selected colour.
The Developer Milk, a magic potion full of danger-free ingredients to take care of your hair.
The PHYTOCOLOR Mask, to nourish your hair and boost the effect of colouration.
A pair of gloves, essential to avoid getting your hands dirty.

It’s really easy to prepare the hair dye: first, mix the Developer Lotion Bottle and the Colouring Cream and shake well.

Good to know: For colouration newbies, remember to shop for 2 colouring kits. You may need more than 1, especially if you have very long hair. For touch-ups and future colourings, one kit is all you’ll need! Also, you're free to store the unused colouration and mix (if not mixed already) if you close the lids carefully.

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Step 4: Apply your PHYTOCOLOR mix

Use the applicator tip to distribute the colour section by section over the entire scalp.
If you want to change your whole hair colour, spread the product evenly over the hair roots and then apply the rest of the colour to the lengths, wrapping the hair with the product.

Step 5: wait for 30 minutes and more

The required application time for PHYTOCOLOR hair dye is 30 minutes. No more, no less.
Except if you have completely grey hair… Then you’ll have to wait for 45 minutes.
No matter what colour you wish to have, you must respect this time! 

Step 6: Rinse and emulsify

You must carefully remove the dye when rinsing off with water. Take the time to scrub out all the formula, helping the hair dye come out with your hands. The best way to know that the hair is well rinsed off is to wait until the water is completely clear.

Professional tip: preferably rinse your hair in the sink (We know the struggle). This will avoid dirtying the shower and pigments getting on your skin. When rinsing, emulsify the colour and use the colour protecting mask within the kit, to enhance the shine!

Step 7: Use PHYTOCOLOR Mask

After rinsing thoroughly, apply the PHYTOCOLOR mask on the lengths. It will take care of your hair and give an extra boost to your colour!

Step 8: Wait a few days before washing your hair

You must give the natural pigments a chance to properly settle in the heart of the hair fibre unless you use a shampoo with an acidic PH to make sure you capture the dyes in the heart of the fibre. Otherwise, rinse thoroughly and use the provided detangling mask. Avoid large doses of hydration or nutrition at this stage to avoid colour fading.

You can wash your hair after 48 hours. The colour will be perfectly fixed by then.

Step 9: Use the PHYTOCOLOR Routine to revive shine and smoothness

Colouring nevertheless damages the hair fibre and its hydrolipidic film. If not taken care of, the hair will become porous and dull. In addition, hair in poor health is more likely to lose pigment and the colour may fade out with each shampoo! 

That's why it's essential to choose the right hair care range for coloured hair, which takes care of your hair not only in the shower but also daily.
To do this, trust the 3 PHYTOCOLOR treatments: the Colour Protecting Shampoo and Mask, as well as the Leave-In Shine Activating Care, will naturally revive the shine of your coloured or highlighted hair. All this, with an average of 90% natural ingredients!

You see, it's really easy to colour your hair with PHYTOCOLOR! Don't wait any longer, shop online from home to find your ideal shade!


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