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Choosing the perfect most natural leave-in care for your hair’s specific needs.

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As the name suggests, leave-in products are applied straight out of the shower and left in your hair to work their miracle. However, with such a wide range of options available, it’s important that you choose the product that is right for you. PHYTO Paris is proud to be able to offer hair care products that target a wide variety of different needs—all you need to do is find your perfect match! Let us guide you in the process!


Although hydration is a pretty common need, it’s important to figure out whether your hair is dry, damaged or ultra-damaged in order to choose the right leave-in treatment. 



Who is it for: Those with dehydrated, dry hair that is dull, fragile and hard to detangle. Ends are dry and split ends are common.

Hair needs: Because hair is dry by nature, it needs daily hydrating care rather than just occasional hydrating shampoos and masks. Everyday hydration also helps fight static—so, no more flyaways! 

96% of natural ingredients 
Miracle ingredients: PHYTOJOBA Hydrating Care Gel features Hydra-Care technology which forms a protective film on the surface of the hair and releases hydrating active ingredients into the heart of the hair fibre. Thanks to Jojoba—PHYTOJOBA’s key miracle ingredient—hair is instantly hydrated. Plus, the Gel continues to hydrate and protect your hair all day long! 

Results: Your hair is immediately softer, silkier and shinier—not to mention easier to detangle and style! This gel makes hair smoother and your dry ends softer, without ever feeling heavy. Bonus points for its glorious coconut scent which will leave you feeling like you’re in a tropical paradise!


It can sometimes be difficult to tell dry hair and damaged hair apart. The main difference between the two, however, is that damaged hair is caused by the regular use of heating tools. To bring your hair back to life by deeply repairing and nourishing it, opt for leave-in treatments that care for your lengths while also protecting your hair from heat damage. 

Who is it for: Those with hair that has been damaged by mechanical, chemical or thermal aggressors. 
Hair needs: Hair shows signs of weakness and damage due to external aggressors. Dull and brittle, hair is so porous that it absorbs 40% more water and yet is incapable of holding on to moisture. The use of heating tools can further deplete hair fibres of hydration. 
96% of natural ingredients 
Miracle ingredients: Botanical Keratin (the inspiration for the product’s name) is what makes all the difference. A combination of Quinoa, Lupins and Pea Protein penetrates deep into your hair, countering the weaknesses that make it so fragile. Hyaluronic Acid provides ultimate moisture while Grape Extract protects hair from heat damage.

Results: Hair scales are smoothed and hair fibre retains water, resulting in optimal hydration. Protected from heat and easier to detangle, hair becomes more resistant, smoother and more manageable. 

PHYTOKÉRATINE Extreme Exceptional Cream


Who is it for: Those with hair so damaged that cutting it seems like the only possible solution! 
Hair needs: So frequently styled with heating tools, hair develops split ends with white dots on the tips. It is coarse, dull and hard to detangle. Hair seems to have stopped growing altogether and the tips easily break off. 
94% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: Sapote Butter and Baobab Oil, for their nourishing and ultra-hydrating properties. 
Results: Hair is repaired, nourished and deeply hydrated. Shine is restored and hair is easy to detangle. Best of all, your hair will start growing again—which also means you won’t have to cut it!


Coloured hair requires everyday care. In fact, it tends to be more sensitive to external aggressors such as the sun and the wind. Colouring also weakens your hair’s hydrolipidic film, which requires hydration and protection. To help care for your coloured hair, PHYTOMILLESIME is the perfect solution. 



Who is it for: Those with coloured or highlighted hair. 

Hair needs: Hair colour is indeed fine art. In fact, the difficulty lies in maintenance as much as it does in the colouring process! 
Miracle ingredients: Argan Butter nourishes and repairs hair fibre. Red Love Apple Extract helps preserve colour and strengthen the hair fibre. Fruit, Apple Tree Blossom and Hibiscus extract gently smooth hair scales, trapping colour pigments within hair fibre. 

Results: PHYTOMILLESIME Beauty Concentrate restores radiance and shine to coloured hair while repairing hair fibres damaged by the colouring process. Hair is easier to manage as well as incredibly silky and shiny, every day!


If volume and lightness are what you’re looking for, then PHYTOVOLUME is the line of products for you! 

phytovolume lblow dry setting spray lifestyle


Who is it for: Those with fine, flat hair in need of volume! 

Hair needs: Too fine, too limp, too flat… not everyone was blessed with easy-to-style hair! Despite your best efforts, your hair is lacking in volume and movement. Fine, flat hair is the reason why. 

93% of natural ingredients 
Miracle ingredients: Nasturtium and Pea Protein Extracts give hair added volume and body from root to tip while Grape Procyanidins provide heat protection.
Results: Ideal for creating gorgeous volume, this product has been a cult favourite since it was launched in 1986! It instantly boosts volume at the roots, gives hair movement and bounce, and makes it more manageable. Use in combination with blow-drying for maximum volumizing effect.



Who is it for: Those whose hair instantly gets frizzy at the first sign of humidity or rain… 
Hair needs: There are many reasons why hair can become frizzy. First and foremost, however, it is a sign that hair fibre is dehydrated and lacking nutrition. Open cuticles are actually what makes hair look frizzy. Severe dehydration is the problem. 

97% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: This balm combines botanical extracts that act in synergy to naturally straighten hair without any chemical action while respecting the hair fibre. 

Results: Hair is sleeker, more structured and incredibly shiny! Naturally curly locks are immediately tamed and defined. And, if you opt for a blowout, you’ll achieve a sleek smooth style without having to reach for the flat iron.


If you have curly hair you may know the struggle to find the best leave-in to define the beauty of your natural curls. PHYTOSPECIFIC has been designed for all types of curly hair, formulated with specific natural ingredients to enhance curls' beauty.


Who is it for: Loose to tight curls in need of definition and hold. 

Hair needs: Curly hair needs extra nutrition due to the nature of their shape. 

95-97% of natural ingredients

Miracle ingredients: Shea butter. Sunflower seed oil and Corn germ oil. A mix of instantly nutritious ingredients that enrobe the hair fibre.

Results: A lasting curl definition and holds with healthy movement. Curls are touchable, perfectly defined, and bouncy with no crunchy residue.

Now that you know what to choose, simply make it part of your everyday routine and enjoy the results! 

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