Do you have dry, damaged or ultra-damaged hair?

Are you describing your hair the right way? We will help you discover the real matter with your locks.

Some people think that their hair is ultra-damaged when it's simply dry. For others, the opposite! The result is the same since, in both situations, they are not using the right hair care routine.

Hair is either too nourished or not enough. Today, we help you make your diagnosis to finally know whether your hair is dry, damaged or very damaged - and how to act accordingly.

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Dry hair and the PHYTOJOBA routine

Good to know: All hair is dry by nature.
Occasionally, hair needs a little more love! it can be drier than usual, dull, difficult to untangle, fragile.

Generally, dry hair has medium to fine textures and lacking moisture, medium to coarse hair instead become ultra-dry because and also lack nutrition.

The lack of hydration is due to the hydrolipidic film altered by insufficient sebum production, repeated aggression or hormonal factors.
Above all, dry hair needs to have its hydrolipidic film reinforced.

For this, PHYTO Paris created the PHYTOJOBA range: the Shampoo, Mask and Moisturizing Care Gel are must-haves to give your hair moisture and nutrition. Made of Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Plant Milk and Mallow Extraction, PHYTOJOBA moisturizes the hair, from roots to ends, without weighing it down! 

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Damaged hair and the PHYTOKERATINE routine

Good to know: Damaged hair becomes so due to external aggressions.
- Mechanical damage (brushes, combs, hairdos).
- Chemical aggressions (dying, bleaching, permanent or relaxing treatments).
- Thermal aggressions (smoothing iron, curling iron, dryer)

As a result of all these aggressions, hair becomes weak and defenceless against external aggressions. Damaged hair is so porous that it can absorb 40% more water, being unable to retain it.

Damaged hair needs deep repair since the cuticle and cortex are damaged, which can ultimately destroy your fibre permanently.

To instantly repair hair cuticle bondings PHYTO created botanical keratin: made of the botanical proteins of Quinoa, Lupin and Pea, proteins that penetrate the heart of the hair, filling in the gaps that weaken it.

Botanical keratin is the key through the PHYTOKERATINE ritual: a Repairing Shampoo, Mask and Thermo-Protective Spray to limit the negative impact of thermal and mechanical aggressions, repair hair fibre and protect it from further damage.

Result: smoothed hair scales, fibres will successfully retain water so hair regains an optimal level of hydration.

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Ultra-damaged hair and EXTREME PHYTOKERATINE routine

Ultra-damaged has damaged hair characteristics, but almost to the point of no return. The cortex is almost non-existent, and the hair holds only by the centre, the core of the fibre.

Visually, it's not a pretty sight: split ends with white beads at the tips, an obvious sign of an upcoming breakage, rough and dull hair, difficult to untangle. The hair doesn't seem to want to grow anymore, it automatically breaks at the tips.

Ultra-damaged hair needs an extreme solution: PHYTOKERATINE EXTREME! The routine of exceptional Shampoo, Mask and thermo-protective Cream to nourish, repair, moisturize, protect.

PHYTOKERATINE EXTREME fills in the gaps and rebuilds the hair's initial architecture. The hair restores the organization of its helical chains, it also regains, as in a rope, the resistance and the ability to relax and regain its initial shape!

The key ingredients: Sapote Butter and Baobab Oil!

Results: the hair is repaired, nourished and deeply moisturized. It is shiny again and easy to untangle. Hair grows back!

If you want to go further

- Cut your ends every three months to remove the tips and split ends.
- Limit the use of heating tools: don't use more than three times a week the dryer, smoothing iron and curling iron.
- Protect your hair from heat: whether with PHYTOKERATINE Thermo-Protective Spray or PHYTOKERATINE EXTREME Cream, you must protect your hair before subjecting it to heat.

Et voilà! Now you know if your hair is dry, damaged or even ultra-damaged! And you also know the ritual to use to take care of it.


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