Discover the Best Hair Detox How To's

Pollution, dirt, product build-up may suffocate your scalp and grease your hair. Find out how to detoxify them in 3 simple gestures.

Your typical day is waking up, showering, styling with styling products, getting in the car, going to work, then to the gym and ending with a little drink?Say no more. You definitely need a detoxifying ritual to free your hair and scalp from all those daily polluting aggressions!

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Why do you need hair detox?

The reason is simple: whether you live in the city or in the countryside, you aren’t spared by the surrounding pollution. From atmospheric micro-particles to hard water or chemical hair products, pollution is everywhere and inevitably accumulates on skin and hair.
You may not be aware of it, but your hair suffers: it can get dry, dull, and damaged. The situation may get worse, creating a scalp imbalance that produces oily hair, dandruff and can bring hair loss disturbs as well. 

Sometimes a regular shampoo may not be enough to remove all the impurities that suffocate your hair and scalp: you may need specific care that eliminates all residues deep down and lets your hair breathe again! 

Which hair care treatments should you use for your scalp? Learn with PHYTO's diagnostic here.

PHYTOD-TOX: PHYTO Paris solution to polluted hair

PHYTO Paris launches its first complete hair detox range that gives polluted hair new freshness, lightness and shine. PHYTOD-TOX acts on scalp and hair to deep cleanse it from the accumulation of pollution particles, dirt, grease and product build-up. Made of 3 treatments, this ritual is to be done once or twice a week. 

Do you feel you need the solution to avoid greasy hair that gets dirty fast? Follow the steps below. 

Enjoy PHYTOD-TOX set now available!

STEP 1: PURIFY with PHYTOD-TOX Purifying Pre-shampoo Mask

We know that pollution and the accumulation of hair care products unbalance the scalp, which can cause overproduction of sebum, oxidative stress or inflammation.

To purify and clarify it, choose PHYTOD-TOX Pre-shampoo. Containing 97% natural ingredients, it offers a breath of fresh air to the scalp. It removes residues that clog the hair follicles, restoring shine and volume from roots to ends. The refreshing action is provided by the essential oil of Eucalyptus, while the absorption of residues and the purification of the scalp is allowed by Ghassoul, a natural clay originating from Morocco.

The detox routine: 

Once a week, apply the treatment section by section to dry scalp and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off.

STEP 2: CLEANSE with the Clarifying Shampoo

After treating the scalp, move on to the lengths, which lack shine and are brittle due to the pollution particles that accumulate on the hair fibre and suffocate it.

PHYTOD-TOX Shampoo restores the balance of the scalp by preventing the accumulation of new residues. It gently removes traces of pollutants and styling products without drying the hair, to keep it supple and soft. All this, thanks to extracts of St. John's Wort, Hamamelis, Sage and Chamomile.

The detox routine:
Once a week after the Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask and on another day if needed, massage into wet scalp and rinse.

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STEP 3: Refresh your hair with the Rehab Mist

We've all experienced it: when we leave the restaurant, the subway and the gym, or after a night by the campfire, our hair smells! If until now the only solution was to wash it, you now have the Anti-odour Rehab Mist!

This spray neutralizes any remnants of smell. Light as air, it leaves your hair feeling clean and instantly brings it back to life. The secret: a delicious cocktail of purifying Eucalyptus essential oil, antioxidant and revitalizing Kumquat extract and detoxifying and stimulating Burdock extract. In synergy with the formula, an anti-odour agent neutralizes the slightest memory of smoke. 

The detox routine :
Vaporize the spray to the lengths and ends after drying and at any time of day to refresh the hair.

ADDITIONAL STEP: Rebalance your scalp with the PHYTOPOLLEINE serum

PHYTOPOLLÉINE has been doing miracles since 1969, the year the PHYTO Paris brand was born! A 25 mL bottle contains 1,750 grams of plant extracts. It contains 72% essential oils of cajuput, lemon, rosemary, sage and cypress... combined with corn germ oil. All of this is used to stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp. 

The detoxifying routine:
Apply to the scalp section by section. Massage in circular movements and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse and shampoo as desired!
The results after this hair detox will be amazing: your hair will be shinier, more hydrated. You'll have that intense feeling of CLEAN - and quite addictive! 

Bonus: your bathroom will smell like a spa. Enjoy the PHYTOD-TOX ritual!

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