Damaged, brittle hair? Try PHYTOKERATINE

Is damaged hair affecting the beauty of your hair? Repair it!

Dull, coarse, split ends, impossible to detangle, fragile. Before cutting your hair, find out now how to help it!

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Damaged hair: explanations

The longer it is, the more we want to discipline it, the more it gets damaged, with the risk of split ends. Added to this is the natural wear and tear of the fibre over the years. 

Hair consistency is altered, the hair loses its vitality, its suppleness and its beauty.
At this point, we face the dilemma: keep the lengths, or cut it all off and say goodbye to the long hair you love so much?
Because at first glance, it would seem that cutting your hair is the most effective solution. And it is. Except that with the right hair care, you might need to cut 2, instead of 4 cm! How can you do it? With the helo of botanical keratin and proteins.

The essential ingredient to repair damaged hair: keratin

We often hear about it, but what exactly is it used? It is a natural ingredient that gives your hair its strength. Because of the multiple aggressions that we put our hair through, our natural keratin production may be affected.

When the hair fibre starts to be damaged, it's because keratin is no longer sufficient in the hair fibre. Aggressed, dried out, the scales of the cuticle become disorganized, open, exposing the keratin that gradually erodes. The hair loses strength, it.'s less resistant, less malleable!

The good news is that keratin can be brought to the hair from the outside, thanks to care products infused with botanical keratin. 

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Damaged hair: Botanical keratin from Phyto Paris

Phyto Paris haircare successfully created botanical keratin, a naturally sourced protein, able to rebuild the fibre of damaged and brittle hair.

After years of research and analysis, the experts of the botanical brand have identified the most effective plant extracts to create the keratin closest to that of the hair. Of all the natural extracts studied: Quinoa, Lupin and Pea plant proteins, with moisturizing, softening, emollient, antioxidant and repairing powers. 

Associated, they are comparable to physiological keratin. Together, they penetrate the heart of the hair, filling in the gaps that weaken it.
Result: repaired hair scales, and more water in the fibre, which regains an optimal level of hydration. 

The PHYTOKERATINE Repairing Ritual

Step 1: The Repairing Shampoo

To cleanse the hair fibre of impurities while infusing it with Botanical Keratin, Phytokeratine Shampoo is ideal. The fibre benefits from the first phase of repair and hydration are locked in the heart of the hair. The hair gains instantly in softness. No more roughness, they regain suppleness and softness!

PHYTO beauty routine: Apply a small amount of product to wet scalp. The formula is so concentrated that you don't need to apply a lot. Emulsify, massage, then rinse. A second shampoo reinforces the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Step 2: The Repairing Mask

Creamy without being heavy, PHYTOKERATINE Mask infused with Botanical Keratin, Rice Ceramides and Wild Pansy extraction melts into the fibre to intensely reconstitute a new material. Filled with micro-alterations and assured hydration, hair scales are perfectly smoothed!
Results: repaired, easy to untangle, the hair is more resistant and stronger. It regains the supple, healthy and silky aspect of healthy hair. Breakage is no longer a bad memory.

PHYTO beauty routine: Spread a small amount of product on damp hair lengths and ends. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes as a conditioner to facilitate detangling. Once a week, leave on for 5 to 7 minutes to allow extreme penetration in the heart of the hair. Detangle then rinse thoroughly.

Step 3: The Thermo-Protective Repairing Spray

PHYTOKERATINE Thermo protective repairing spray, also infused with Botanical Keratin, completes the repairing action of the shampoo and mask. Besides, Hyaluronic Acid intensely rehydrates the hair, which is immediately plumped up, while the extract of thermo-protective Grape preserves it from alterations caused by the heat of the styling tools! Perfectly protected, disciplined and easy to style, hair is as resistant and silky as ever. Up to the ends, the fibre is reconstituted. 

PHYTO beauty routine: Spray on damp lengths and ends before styling. Can also be used on dry hair before each blow-drying or straightening to protect the fibre from heat.

There you go, you know EVERYTHING about repairing damaged hair! 


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