Best Natural Treatments to get Rid of Dandruff

Discover the new 2-step treatment against dandruff. 100% natural, Phytosquam doesn't neglect the beauty of hair.

Your scalp is very itchy.
You have more and more dandruff flakes in your hair. On your clothes.
Dressing in black has become your greatest fear!
You need to act quickly to get rid of dandruff that is ruining your life - and for a long time!

As Sun Tzu said, it is always good to know your enemy. Dandruff, commonly known as flakes, are small pieces of skin, located on the scalp. If these pieces fall off, it is because of Malassezia, a fungus that is 100% natural and present on all scalps. However, in nearly half of humans, Malassezia causes dandruff and all its associated symptoms: itching, redness, irritation, dry skin. A vicious circle then sets in, since the proliferation of Malassezia is favored by sebum overproduction, the acceleration of cell renewal, the alteration of the skin barrier, and vice versa. Not to be confused with the mild form of seborrheic dermatitis, which affects several body areas at any age, or with psoriasis or eczema. 

If you suffer from dandruff, you may have noticed that dandruff attacks start at a particular time in your life (and you' re never quite ready for it!):

○ In an environment that is too dry or too cold, which dries out and unbalances your scalp 

○ Following the use of irritating hair products that are too aggressive for your scalp In case of stress and poor nutrition 

○ When you wear too many hats or caps

○ If your scalp produces too much sebum

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Faced with the arrival of dandruff, the most important thing is to choose treatments that effectively respond to the problem. they need to be anti-microbial, to fight against Malassezia, anti-inflammatory, to soothe and reduce irritation and flares, anti-relapse, to ensure that the fungi cannot develop, and, at the same time, protect and preserve the skin barrier. If you're looking for the new anti-dandruff solution, Phyto has once again the answer. A brand new range, which substitutes the old Phythéol treating shampoos with a +1 intense 2-week treatment.

Which haircare ritual suits your hair needs? Discover your haircare routine with PHYTO's diagnostic here.

Phase 1: Phytosquam intense, the 2-week anti-dandruff attack

Dandruff comes and goes... But when it comes, it must be fixed immediately! That's why Phytosquam Intense, an exfoliating shampoo, has been developed. It deeply eliminates dandruff, fights against its reappearance and immediately reduces itching! All this, without forgetting the beauty of the hair. At the heart of the formulation of this product is a unique plant complex: Black Pepper and Guyana Wood. Both cleanse and soothe your scalp. To be used as a 2-week treatment, it is applied section by section on the dry scalp. You can then gently massage the scalp and leave it on for 5 to 7 minutes. Then, go in the shower, wet and rinse thoroughly!

Phase 2: The maintenance cleansing care

If your scalp is prone to dandruff, you should know that it can come back at any time if you do not constantly treat it. Phyto Paris once again has the answer: following the attack treatment, after 2 weeks, you can extend the effectiveness of Phytosquam Intense with a relay shampoo, which corresponds to the nature of your scalp. Rather oily? Choose Phytosquam Purifying Shampoo: it cleanses the scalp, prevents dandruff and leaves your hair soft and supple! Dry scalp? Choose Phytosquam Hydrating Shampoo: it hydrates the scalp and rebalances it, thus preventing dandruff from returning!

Phase 3: PHYTOPOLLEINE, the complementary care

To prevent dandruff from forming, the scalp needs to be rebalanced, purified and toned as often as possible. Phytopolleine has been specially designed for its reasons: 100% botanical, this pre-shampoo is to be applied to the scalp, part by part, at least once a week. After 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and wash. By combining these anti-dandruff treatments, you guarantee a life free of flakes, itching, and redness! 

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