Best Natural Ingredients Hair Masks You Need to Try

Wisely chosen, the hair mask will be YOUR supreme asset for dream hair. You just have to find your match!

Masks are the ultimate beauty treatment for your hair: it is the perfect complement to a beauty routine or even an anti-hair loss treatment. Its aim: sublimate the lengths and hair fibre to give it what it needs. Don't you know how to choose your mask? This blog post is written for you!

PHYTO Paris took care of developing hair masks to meet every need. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, coloured, or without volume, there's a solution for you, that combines beauty with nature. Here's something you need to remember: at PHYTO Paris masks are also conditioners. Indeed, it's not worth having two different treatments for the same need.

The difference: leave-in time. For an express treatment, leave the mask on for 1 to 2 minutes. For an intense treatment - once a week - leave on for 5 to 7 minutes on average!

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What hair needs the most. It's essential to know how to differentiate dry, damaged or ultra-damaged hair... and the corresponding masks!

PHYTOJOBA Hydrating Mask
Good for: dry hair that lacks hydration. 

Main needs: even if all hair is dry by nature, sometimes it needs a little more care. Dull, difficult to untangle, fragile. The ends are dehydrated; you can occasionally notice split ends.

97% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Plant Milk and Mallow Extraction, PHYTOJOBA hydrates the hair from roots to ends without weighing it down!

Results: immediately, hair is moisturized, soft, shiny, easy to untangle... The PHYTOJOBA Mask delivers the right amount of hydration; overly nourishing textures do not weigh your hair down! 


Damaged hair can be easily mistaken for dry hair. If you have damaged splitting ends and/or use heating tools for your styling, you should choose a repairing mask that takes care of your lengths and protects them from further damage.


Good for: hair damaged by mechanical, chemical or thermal aggression.
Main needs: hair becomes easily fragile and vulnerable to external aggressions. Dull, split, brittle... It is so porous that it can absorb 40% more water, but is unable to retain it. 

96% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: it's the botanical keratin that makes all the difference (and gives the range its name!). Composed of Quinoa, Lupin and Pea plant proteins, these proteins penetrate the heart of the hair, filling in the gaps that weaken it.

Results: smoothed scales, retained water in the fibre, which regains an optimal level of hydration.


Good for: ultra-damaged hair, close to having to be cut!
Main needs: Split ends with white beads at the tips, an obvious sign of an upcoming breakage, rough and dull hair, difficult to untangle. The hair no longer seems to want to grow. It automatically breaks at the tip. It lacks softness, and it is damaged by too frequent use of styling tools and too high heat, by using products not adapted to the hair type or its needs.

84% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: Saponut Butter and Baobab Tree Oil, for their nourishing and ultra-moisturizing properties. 

Results: hair is repaired, nourished and deeply moisturized. It is shiny again and easy to untangle. Hair grows back! Best of all, you don't need to cut it. 

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You have coloured or highlighted hair and you need to prevent colour stripping and enhance shine while protecting your ends while styling. For this need, only one reference: PHYTOMILLESIME

PHYTOMILLESIME Color-Enhancing Mask
Good for: colour-treated and highlighted hair. 

Main needs: colouring is a subtle art. Indeed, the difficulty lies as much in the maintenance as in the dying process itself! 

97% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: Argan Butter nourishes and repairs the hair fibre. Red Love Apple Extract protects the colour and strengthens the hair fibre. Extracts of fruit, apple blossom and hibiscus gently close the scales of the hair, trapping the pigments in the heart of the fibre.

Results: The PHYTOMILLESIME Mask helps to revive the shine of the colour while repairing the fibre that could be damaged by the colour. Easy to style, the hair is incredibly silky and shiny.


When it comes to adding volume to your hair, there are two options: PHYTODENSIA, for mature hair that lacks density, i.e. the thickness of the hair itself which becomes thinner with time, or PHYTOVOLUME for naturally fine and flat hair!

PHYTODENSIA Fluid Plumping Mask
Good for: Mature hair, which needs density and substance.

Main needs: with age, hair loses its density. Hair diameter is reduced, and it is refined and devitalized. You need a Mask able to take up either hair fibre, without weighing it down. You also need a Mask capable of offering body and resistance! 

95% of natural ingredients 

Miracle ingredients: This mask recharges the hair fibre with its anti-ageing active ingredients: Vernonia, grape extract, hyaluronic acid and acacia collagen.
Results: hair is recharged in the matter, denser, which is both light and voluminous.

PHYTOVOLUME Volumizing Jelly Mask

Good for: fine, flat hair that needs volume!
Main needs: Despite all our efforts, our hair has no volume, no movement! The reason is simple: it is fine and flat.
95% of natural ingredients
Miracle ingredients: Bamboo extract transmits its strength to the fibre, while yarrow and tormentil extract awakens the hair's springiness.
Results: the Jelly Mask delivers the right amount of care, without weighing down fine, flat hair. Why the Jelly texture? Precisely to be as light as possible! Hair will be easy to untangle and shape. It will gain in suppleness.

Now you know which mask is your perfect match! 


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