Best Christmas gift ideas for hair care lovers

Not sure what to add to your wish list, or looking for gift ideas to offer? Let us help you with that.

The holiday season is truly magical... well, almost magical. Because not knowing what to offer your loved ones can become very stressing! This year, you will be given a list of your loved ones' wishes - depending on their hair needs!

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Daphné, that beautiful blonde friend with coloured hair, who likes to curl them up!

Everyone has a friend like that. Her haircare ritual has to be complete enough to preserve the beauty of her hair!
She starts with the PHYTOPOLLEINE Pre-Shampoo: to apply once a week, it will help her to maintain the balance of her scalp in a 100% natural way!
To wash her hair, she can use PHYTOARGENT Shampoo. Ideal for blond, white or bleached hair, this no yellow shampoo will help her hair to remain soft and shiny.
To preserve her colour and deeply take care of her hair, she needs the PHYTOMILLESIME Colour enhancing Mask. It'll enclose the colouring pigments in the hair fibre, guaranteeing to preserve the colour for as long as possible!
To preserve the colour, she also needs a leave-in treatment to be applied every morning, such as PHYTOMILLESIME Colour Protective Mist.
And to curl her hair... The PHYTOKERATINE EXTREME Exceptional Cream will be perfect! 

Kathleen, that friend that always complains about having very dry hair.

In one word: PHYTOJOBA.
To hydrate hair in-depth, there's no better way!
Let’s start with PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo, which will wash her scalp and hair while moisturizing them.
Then continue with the PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Mask. She will certainly thank you 1000 times for this gift: It will give her shiny, hydrated and easy to untangle hair!
Finish with PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel, to be applied every morning on the lengths. Dry hair must be protected and hydrated ALL day long. It’s the guarantee to hydrate the hair as quickly and intensely as possible! The Care Gel is light and non-greasy. Use it sparingly!

Erika, that friend who loves brushing her long dark hair

What she’s asking for: VOLUME and disciplined hair. Give her some! 

She can start with the PHYTOPOLLEINE Pre-Shampoo: to have the most beautiful volume, you need a healthy and stimulated scalp.
Then, offer her the PHYTODENSIA range of treatments: the Shampoo, Mask and especially the Serum will help her add density, beauty and vitality to her hair!

After the shower: PHYTODEFRISANT. You offer her the long-lasting anti-frizz guarantee. It smoothes and softens the hair naturally!

Special offer: Take advantage of our PHYTODENSIA set to save!

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Bruno, your guy friend whose hair starts greying and losing vigour. 

For him, no time to waste! It is necessary to get a complete ritual that allows him to have new hair and to repigment it. This gift is to be offered with explanations. Take the time to describe all the hair treatments and explain how to use them well!
First offer him the PHYTOPOLLEINE Pre-Shampoo: essential to stimulate and tone the scalp, this treatment will help to stimulate both hair colouring and growth. 

Then introduce him to the PHYTOPHANERE food supplement: by taking 2 capsules each morning for 3 months, the hair will be stronger, more resistant and more beautiful. In addition, this treatment helps hair growth.
But above all, the essential treatment is the PHYTONOVATHRIX Shampoo and Serum. To be used as a 3-month cure, they will fight against hair loss, help regrow new hair and make hair stronger!

To restore hair colour, trust PHYTO RE30. That’s the first treatment capable of repigmenting the hair fibre - without colouring and in a natural way! Also, this treatment restores the hair to its original colour. 

Marika, that rebellious teenager with damaged hair, losing their heads over dandruff.

She needs the maximum love and kindness you have to offer her, to get through the teenage years!

First, offer her something to bring her hair back to life, damaged by the straightening and curls did every day: the PHYTOKERATINE Extreme range. The Shampoo and Mask will help him every time he washes to repair his hair fibre deeply. The Exceptional Cream will be applied each time you use the smoothing iron or curling iron!

It is also necessary to treat the dandruff problem: for this, she can benefit from the natural anti-dandruff treatment PHYTOSQUAM. The Intense Shampoo will eliminate dandruff in 15 days. The Maintenance Shampoo will be used to prevent dandruff from returning!

Because every hair is different, we will be happy to advise you on the best gifts to offer your loved ones. Chat with us, or contact us on social media - Instagram and Facebook - or by email!

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