7 easy tips to care for coloured, highlighted hair

Want to know how to take care of coloured hair which has very specific needs? Here are 7 tips for you.

7 tips to take care of coloured highlighted hair

As you already know, colouring your hair is not without its consequences.

Hair is made up of three layers: the cuticle on the outside, the cortex in the middle and the medulla at the very core. Thanks to melanin, these layers help protect your hair and determine both its strength and colour.
To change the colour of your hair, the ingredients in permanent hair dye work in three steps:
  • First, an alkaline agent opens up the scales of the hair cuticle to allow pigments to penetrate the cortex of the hair and spread throughout the inside of the hair fibre.
  • Then, an oxidant works at two levels: it lightens the natural melanin and allows the colour pigments to develop during the product’s application time.
  • Lastly, products for coloured hair are used to close the scales of the hair cuticle back up

Colouring seems like a lot to put your hair through. But, fear not! You don’t have to give it up in order to save your hair! All you need are hair care products that are gentle and adapted to the needs of coloured hair—and, of course, good habits!

Tip No. 1: Use haircare products designed for coloured hair

Right? Such products are designed to meet the very specific needs of coloured hair, specifically in terms of repair, nutrition and colour preservation.

PHYTO Paris has the ideal line of products made especially for coloured hair— PHYTOCOLOR. Including a Shampoo, Mask and Shine Activating Care, this line is the perfect natural solution for your coloured hair. The secret to PHYTOCOLOR’s performance is botanical ingredients: Hibiscus extraction, Tara Tannins and Sunflower Sprout extract. As always, PHYTO has selected the best that nature has to offer to care for your hair, formulated without silicone, sulphate and paraben.

Grey or blonde hair? Use PHYTOARGENT No yellow Shampoo to help neutralize brassiness and unwanted yellow tones!

Tip No. 2: Refrain from washing hair too often

Once you've dyed your hair, either at the salon or at home - may be with botanical permanent colour? - wait as long as you can before washing your new flamboyant colour; this will allow pigments to firmly attach to the hair fibre and prevent colour stripping. 

Washing coloured hair too often causes pigments to fade more quickly. Because pigments tend to gradually wash away every time you shampoo, it’s important to use specialized hair products and respect hair fibre by washing your locks no more than 3 times a week. In reality, the same frequency applies to those with uncoloured hair—2 to 3 times a week is ideal!
When washing your hair, opt for PHYTOCOLOR Color Protecting Shampoo, which gently cleanses, keeping pigments locked in and reviving colour as a result.

Tip No. 3: Keep the hair fibre hydrated!

The biggest problem with colouring your hair is how severely it alters hair fibre. In fact, colouring breaks down your hair’s hydrolipidic film (by up to 70%), causing hair to become more porous. In this weakened state, the hair fibre is no longer properly sealed and protected and thereby lacks softness and suppleness.
Oxidation, for its part, weakens the hair’s internal structure. Dryer and more porous, coloured or highlighted hair loses moisture more easily but also absorbs more at the same time. This constant loss and reabsorption of moisture increasingly weaken hair. And, unfortunately, the problem is made worse if you wash your hair with hard, chlorinated or saltwater!

This is precisely why it’s so important to use the PHYTOCOLOR Colour Protecting Mask. Enriched with Karanja Oil, the Mask repairs weakened hair fibre and provides coloured or highlighted hair with the care it needs.

Tip No. 4: Protect your hair from external aggressors

Because coloured hair is more porous, it is also more vulnerable to external aggressors. UV rays, in particular, can be especially harmful. They make hair even more porous, which means it becomes dryer, duller and coarser…
To make matters worse, melanin, which has been altered by the oxidation process, no longer plays a photoprotective role and can no longer prevent free radicals from damaging keratin!

Ward off disaster with PHYTOCOLOR Shine Activating Care: it protects colour from external aggressors on a daily basis. And, to ensure optimal photoprotection against colour oxidation, this gel contains a UV filter combined with Karanja oil! This wonder product has exactly what your hair needs for daily protection.

PHYTOCOLOR protective natural coloured hair range PHYTO Paris

Tip No. 5: Protect your hair from heat damage

Heat and coloured hair are clearly not a good mix, and it’s easy to understand why: since hair is already porous and therefore lacking moisture, the heat from styling tools such as hair dryers and straighteners makes the situation even worse by causing what little moisture is left in the hair fibre to evaporate.
So, the first logical thing to do is limit how often you use heat styling tools.
Of course, you can continue to use these tools occasionally, as long as you use the right products—namely, those containing lots of thermo-protecting keratin. Choose from either PHYTOKERATINE or PHYTOKERATINE Extrême leave-in treatments, depending on your hair’s needs.
One thing is certain: they will protect your hair from heat damage while nourishing and repairing it with the perfect combination of miracle ingredients.

Tip No. 6: Choose the right hair colour

Of course, all of the issues we’ve mentioned can be SIGNIFICANTLY minimized by choosing a hair colour that respects your scalp and hair fibre as much as possible!

As luck would have it, PHYTO Paris also has hair colour that does exactly that—PHYTOCOLOR! The name might be simple, but you’re sure to remember it!
PHYTOCOLOR hair colour has the advantage of being completely natural. Made with botanical colour pigments, it is also ammonia, PPD and resorcinol free—and that means you can colour your hair without causing the damage you would with traditional hair colour.

If that wasn’t enough already, PHYTO Paris also added Epaline (derived from corn oil) and Jujube Tree Bark to the formula to help preserve hair fibre AND, most importantly, the scalp!

Tip 7: Boost shine for a final sleek effect

Because the hair’s cuticle is not completely smooth, it lacks the ability to reflect light—which, of course, causes it to lose its shine.
While you may have heard that rinsing your hair with cider vinegar can help restore its shine and radiance, you really don’t have to suffer through such a smelly, uncomfortable ritual to get the results you want.
PHYTOCOLOR Shine Activating Care is your best ally when it comes to restoring shine AND it smells divine! Guess you really can have the best of both worlds!
This product’s secret weapon is Yacon extract, a botanical elixir that smoothes hair fibre to activate shine and instantly revive coloured or highlighted hair.

Hope you enjoyed our 7 tips for maintaining coloured hair! Now it's your turn to choose wisely.

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