6 benefits of working from home on your hair

Being quarantined or work from home has actually its benefits for hair & skin.

coronavirus smartworking hair care

Because the coronavirus can't destroy your good mood or your hair!

You may have been asked to stay home to fight the spread of the coronavirus. So here you are, sitting at your computer, with no social interaction... The good news is that you have all the time you want to take care of yourself: between two FaceTime meetings, you can pamper your hair, and they'll give it back to you! Discover 6 things you can do to take care of your hair during your quarantine. 

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Take the time to build up your haircare ritual

In the evenings and on weekends, we don't always take the time to really figure out our hair's needs: are they dry? Do they need a specific treatment? It's time to sit comfortably in front of your mirror and take a good look at your hair and scalp.

Then, go to the PHYTO Paris diagnostic page: answer a few questions, an ideal haircare ritual will be recommended to you! All this without getting up from your couch. Good news: there’s no risk of contamination. 

You have plenty of time to do your whole haircare ritual

Knowing what kind of hair care to use isn't enough. It's also about taking the time to do it.
Thanks to work from home, there's no more excuses for not doing your whole haircare ritual!
Everything can be done: pre-shampoo, shampoo, mask, leave-in treatment... you can do it all! Magic, isn't it?

Respect the timing of the haircare ritual

Who prevents you from smart-working with a pre-shampoo on your scalp and a mask on your lengths? NO ONE! It's a wonderful benefit that only working from home can offer you (it's hard to picture you surrounded by your colleagues, applying pre-shampoo section by section LOL).
Just to be clear: you don't have to feel guilty for wasting important work time! This time taken is equivalent to the 10 am coffee break or chit-chat with your colleagues. 

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You have time to master exceptional hairstyles

Just because you don't have to see anybody, doesn't mean you should forget about taking care of yourself! You keep making yourself beautiful, for yourself. Skincare and haircare are a must. But above all, you can take the time to try new hairstyles! The good thing is that you don't have to hurry to catch the subway or endure traffic on the road... The only trip to make will be from your bathroom to your work station.  As a result, nothing forces you to stop (except for cramps in your arms). 

You have time to try out our new botanical hair permanent colour to do at home

Another activity to be done at home, between 2 meetings: PHYTOCOLOR hair permanent colour.
Once again, no need to leave your home to get it. No need to worry about going to the hairdresser and potentially catching the coronavirus! A few clicks online, and you will receive it at your front door, or mailbox.

What's more, it won't make you lose much time, since the application time is only 30 minutes! Ideal for making a few calls and writing a few emails while you wait. 

You are protected from air pollution and oxidative stress

In 15 days, you will definitely notice that your scalp and hair looking shinier and healthier than usual. 
The reason is quite simple: they are no longer attacked by outside pollution, such as exhaust fumes or cigarette smoke... Result: the thin layer of pollution that used to suffocate your hair gradually disappears and leaves your hair shinier!

Your scalp also risks being soothed, because, without daily external aggressions, it generates less oxidative stress and inflammation.

Do you want to speed up the decontamination of your hair and cleanse it properly? You can choose the new range of the PHYTO Paris brand: PHYTOD-TOX. These 3 treatments, the Purifying Pre-Shampoo, the Clarifying Shampoo, and the Rehab Mist, give your hair a great breath of oxygen and gently remove all impurities.

Last tip: don't forget to air your home. We hardly ever talk about it, but indoor pollution is just as bad for your health! We air for 20 minutes a day, to circulate the air.

And here you go, we hope that these few ideas will help you pass the time more quickly during the next few days! We also hope that none of you will suffer from the COVID-19 and that you’ll stay healthy ... To avoid this, let's be citizens and follow the instructions to the letter: wash your hands as often as possible, protect yourself in case of cough, and minimize physical contact and clumping. 

Good luck to all! 


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