5 tips for winter hair care

Here are some solutions for the different problems your hair has to face in the winter!

1. My hair is flat

When it’s cold outside, we have no choice but to wear a hat to keep our head warm (since most of our body heat is lost through our head). Here’s a little scenario you may be familiar with: you reach your destination, take off your hat and your hair is flat and lifeless, with no volume at all.

The reason for this is simple: your hair has been completely flattened against your scalp for too long. Plus, hair can create static electricity, which causes it to either stay glued to your scalp—or, on the flip side—to go in every direction!
PHYTO Paris tip: first off, make sure you remove your hat as soon as you get indoors. In the metro, the car, the café… only put your hat on when you are ready to go back outside.

For more volume, use volumizing products from the PHYTOVOLUME line, capable of adding volume—even to fine, flat hair.

Flat-looking hair can also be caused by a lack of density. In fact, the change of season is one of the reasons you might be losing more hair. The result? Obviously, losing hair means you also lose density! Choose anti hair-loss treatments such as PHYTOCYANE or PHYTONOVATHRIX to get your natural density back.

2. My hair is tangled

Constant friction from your hat and scarf can leave hair completely tangled, dry and hard to detangle. This happens because your hair is lacking hydration and protection. It’s a known fact that well-hydrated hair is soft and easy to detangle (and difficult to tangle in the first place)!

Phyto Paris tips: your hair urgently needs hydrating haircare products such as those in the PHYTOJOBA line. In extreme cases, hair fibre will need to be repaired. If this is the case, choose from the products in the PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME line. 
Another good habit is to apply a leave-in haircare product as part of your daily routine. Simply choose one that meets your specific needs! PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel is a perfect option. Otherwise, choose either PHYTO 7 or PHYTO 9 day cream, depending on your hair type. One last tip would be to opt for a hairstyle that prevents friction, such as a braid!

3. Static electricity ruins my hair

Do you end up looking like Medusa every time you brush your hair, take off your hat or pull a sweater over your head?

It’s totally normal. Friction causes static electricity, which accumulates in your hair. And, like a magnet, hair is attracted to opposite charges (found in the objects around you).

Why does hair gather up so much static? Quite simply because hair’s extremities are dry and light. And, of course, fine hair—which is even lighter—happens to be even more sensitive!

Phyto Paris tips: your priority should be hydrating and protecting hair every day to prevent static from accumulating. You also need to coat hair fibre to prevent frizz and breakage. So, don’t leave the house without applying a leave-in product!

4. My scalp is unbalanced

Temperature changes, the cold and wearing hats… these are also things that can cause your scalp to be unbalanced, leading to irritation, itching and even dandruff.
This is precisely why you need hair care that will keep your scalp balanced.

PHYTO Paris tip: use PHYTOPROGENIUM Ultra-Gentle Shampoo every day. Its prebiotic complex will care for your scalp’s microbiome to help keep it balanced.
You can also trust the PHYTOD-TOX line to effectively purify and clarify the scalp and hair.

5. My hair is dry and dull

This isn’t surprising! After all, the cold, snow and frost—and mostly, dry air—make hair very dry and hard to tame. The cold makes hair fibre even more vulnerable by depleting moisture, making hair dry and prone to breakage.

Phyto Paris tips: Add a few products made specifically for hydration to your haircare routine. The PHYTOJOBA line of moisturizing products is a perfect option to give your hair the protection it needs to face the cold!


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