2022 New Year's Resolutions for me & my hair

If 2020 has given us time to take care of ourselves, we’re going even further in 2021!

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Here are your 10 resolutions to adopt in 2022 for your hair.

1. I'll respect the needs of my hair and scalp

Last year, I learned that I needed to take care of the scalp to keep my hair healthy. As the founder of Phyto Paris, Patrick Alès used to say: "beautiful hair cannot be conceived without a healthy scalp". Following his advice, I'll start using  PHYTOD-TOX Pre-Shampoo once a week. It will purify, tone and rebalance the scalp as well as prepare it to receive other PHYTO treatments. 

2. I will detoxify my hair and scalp

The reason is simple: whether you live in the city or in the countryside, you aren’t spared by the surrounding pollution. From atmospheric micro-particles to hard water or chemical hair products, pollution is everywhere and inevitably building up on skin and hair.
You may not be aware of it, but your hair suffers: it can get dry, dull, and damaged. The situation may get worse, creating a scalp imbalance that produces oily hair, dandruff and can bring hair loss disturbs as well. 

To remove all the impurities, sebum, and pollution particles that suffocate your hair and scalp, there is a very appropriate ritual: PHYTOD-TOX.
By using both the PHYTOD-TOX Purifying Pre-Shampoo Mask on the scalp and the PHYTOD-TOX Clarifying Shampoo on the hair, your hair will be lighter, shinier, and healthier!

3. I’ll read the composition of the products

My number three goal: to adopt the most natural - and therefore most respectful hair care. No more chemicals nor harmful ingredients. Plant discoveries and innovations offer the possibility of effective and natural hair care! Why miss out on it?

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4. I'll adopt a complete hair ritual.

 We are sculptors and artists. If the raw material is not good, we will not succeed in making our sculpture.

Cit. every hairdresser ever

5. I will choose a hair dye that respects my hair.

Both at home and in the salon, hair dyes can contain ingredients that are harmful to the hair and scalp. They can damage up to 70% of the protective envelope of the hair fibre. The result? Dry, porous, and fragile hair, but also dull and lifeless colour.
To avoid all these inconveniences, trust PHYTOCOLOR, the first hair dye kit based on botanical pigments, without ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol.
The results will surprise you: the hair will be soft, the colour will cover all white hair, it will last a long time but above all, your hair and scalp will be respected!

6. I’ll apply hair leave-in treatments, daily.

Just as your skin needs daily hydration, your hair needs a daily dose of care - a simple shampoo is often not enough.
There are several leave-in treatments for different hair types. 

TIP: Dry hair will need PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel to be applied every morning. It will moisturize, protect, and make hair soft and shiny all day long.

For those addicted to straightening or curling irons: PHYTOKERATINE Extreme Exceptional Cream. This thermo-protective treatment will prevent heat from damaging your beautiful hair!

7. I'll go to the hairdresser more often

And yes! Even the most beautiful hair has split ends that need a cut. Hair needs to be cut at least every 3 months, to make it healthier and conserve full-body lengths. I'll keep that in mind this year. 

Results? hair will be shinier, as split ends tend to make it dull. Moreover, a fresh haircut gives more volume and thickness to the hair! 

I need to remember that.

8. I’ll use a thermo-protective care

The basic rule when I blow dry, curl, or straighten my hair. Always. Never forget about it.
While heat is the miracle solution for the prettiest hairstyles, it is also suicidal for your ends.
It is important to protect it as well as possible with each use to prevent it from becoming damaged and brittle.

TIP: Use PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME protective exceptional cream for full protection up to 450 degrees F.

9. I'll space out the use of shampoos...

And therefore blowdrying my hair.
Washing your hair too much has more of a negative impact than a positive one: the scalp becomes unbalanced and creates more sebum, as a result, hair can become extremely greasy or dry. 

10. I'll take as much care of myself as I take care of my hair!

The best resolution ever. Taking care of my hair is one of the fundamental steps in a holistic approach to taking care of myself.
Take the opportunity to eat healthy food, take better care of our body and mind, and put well-being at the center of our lives!

Happy new hair year 2022!


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