2021 Fall-Winter Hair Trends Canada

Whether or not COVID confinement rules keep you at home this season, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the latest hair trends.

2021 Fall Winter Hair Trends Canada

These days, we can’t be sure what tomorrow will bring. But, one thing we can be sure of is that our hair looks its very best! That’s why we’ve scoured social media and kept up with Canada’s top influencers to gather up this season’s hottest hair trends.

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You'll find in the selection we've made for you, cuts super easy to maintain.

The Retrò Fringe

Already a popular look last spring, the retro fringe continues to be a favourite this season (and it’s easy to see why!) This look is perfect for those who want an easy-maintenance style with a dash of bohemian charm. Fringes work with either long or short styles and can be easily be played up with a cute hat or, with winter around the corner, a beanie!  

The PHYTO Paris touch: Show off the fringe, without the frizz, thanks to our long-lasting PHYTODÉFRISANT Botanical straightening balm. Apply while hair is very wet, before drying, to tame your unruly locks and prevent humidity from wreaking havoc on your fabulous fringe!  



The super-short bob

When it comes to haircuts, the bob is a sure-fire look that is always on-trend. Throughout the seasons, and the years, this classic has remained an adorable option for everyone. This year’s bob happens to be on the shorter side (read: very short!), sitting just below the ears and emphasizing the beauty of your neckline!
But, while short is all the rage, a slightly longer bob might be a better option if you like to wear your hair curly! 

The PHYTO Paris touch: Every bob needs the ultimate in hydration and protection. Trust PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel to give your tresses exactly what they need. Applied daily, this product hydrates your hair without weighing it down. Plus, it helps prevents static—which is clearly an added bonus in the winter! No more crazy hat head!


Extra-long hair

The months we spent in confinement no doubt had something to do with this particular trend! That’s right, ladies—long, voluminous hair is all the rage this season. Curly, straight or layered (a great option for those who want a little more movement and dimension), it all works! But, keep in mind: extra long hair also needs extra care. After all, damaged hair doesn’t look good on anyone!

The PHYTO Paris touch: the PHYTOKERATINE line of products will keep your extra-long strands nourished and hydrated, and help treat damaged locks. Made with botanical keratin to repair hair fibre and provide much-needed heat protection for blowouts and hair-straightening sessions.  




Au naturel

More than ever, people are embracing their hair’s natural movement and texture. Gone are the days when sleek, pin-straight hair was the only way to go. It’s time to put your straighteners away and let your hair do its own wonderfully natural thing! Curly, wavy or super smooth—it’s all about loving what you’ve got! 

The PHYTO Paris touch: PHYTO 7 Moisturizing Day Cream is the perfect product for taming your hair on the go. Just toss this amazing cream into your bag to hydrate, protect and give your hair a boost of shine, anytime and anywhere. Its lightweight texture will enhance your natural style without ever weighing down your hair!



The half-pony

We’re not talking about a low school-girl-type half-pony. This fall’s half-pony is worn high up to spotlight your features and give your hair added volume. Secure it with a nice big scrunchie and you’re ready to go! 

The PHYTO Paris touch: The trick to the perfect half-pony is making sure it stays in place! PHYTOLAQUE Design will help you do just that. This finishing spray is made from natural ingredients and keeps your locks exactly where you want them to be, without ever being stiff or sticky! A quick, convenient pick-me-up for your hair, you’ll definitely want to take this with you everywhere you go. And, at the end of the day, it’s easy-peasy to brush out.


Super sweet tendrils

Two adorable whisps of hair that frame your face perfectly—what’s not to love? While they were often worn bold and colourful last summer (#RogueBlonde), this fall, it’s all about creating an unfussy, lived-in look. Tendrils are the ideal added touch for absolutely ANY pulled-back style or up-do. Ponys, half-pony, braids, buns… you name it! Feel free to choose from chunky tendrils to fine gentle strands (or literally anything in between) to create the style that works best for you. 

The PHYTO Paris touch: PHYTOVOLUME Brushing Spray is your best ally when it comes to putting your best tendrils forward. This fabulous product will lift your hair at the roots, giving your whisps natural bounce and maximum volume. 




Hats galore!

TIMELESS and IRRESISTIBLE, hats are the epitome of elegance and charm. There’s no easier way to elevate your style (bad hair day, or not!)


The beret

We’re quite sure that the new Netflix series, Emily In Paris, may have helped popularize this trend around the globe! The beret is truly the ultimate in chic, not to mention original, nostalgic and… definitely bold!



Now that you’re up on the latest trends, feel free to share your best styles and cuts with us on Instagram, and remember to tag us! We can’t wait to see all your gorgeous looks! @PhytoCanada.  


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