Rethink the way you cleanse with this ultra-concentrated, non-foaming cleanser that gently cleanses the scalp while infusing hair with an unprecedented dose of care. Washing hair with a conditioner is a widely popular trick among girls with ultra-dry hair. — It gave rise to the idea of helping women enjoy the gentleness of this new routine while benefiting from genuine cleansing action. — It originated a totally innovative concept, a completely dfferent product, that is neither a shampoo nor conditioner, but an extra dose of care in the hair care routine. It is non-foaming thanks to a formula that contains no foaming surfactants. This in itself guarantees maximum softness for the scalp and friction-less cleansing action for hair lengths. Gentler, more active and more respectful of ultra-dry hair, this innovative gesture restores softness, suppleness and beauty in hair, without the risk of depleting it. Another good point: the absence of surfactants means greater respect for the environment.

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