PHYTO products & Brand

What are the Phyto products made of ?

PHYTO and its team of researchers chose and identify the parts of plants that contain the highest concentration of active ingredients. A PHYTO formula can combine up to 40 plant and essential oil extracts in itself.
Each product is formulated with the correct concentration of botanical extracts in order to precisely satisfy the needs of each type of hair. For PHYTO, environmentalism is not just a fad but a strongly assumed position since its creation over 40 years ago.

Why are the Phyto shampoos in aluminium bottles ? 
In line with our environmental awareness, our products are packed in aluminium and glass in order to reduce the use of preservatives. These elements can be recycled.

What's the difference between a mask and a conditioner ?
A mask is very rich. It hydrates, nourishes and regenerates the hair fibre deep down. It has to be left on hair to act; the time needed depends on the thickness and porosity of your hair. Our PHYTOBAUME conditioners are express beauty-enhancing products that instantly detangle hair. It does not have to be left on.

Where are Phyto products made ?
All formulas are created in dedicated French labs called the PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories ; yielding natural, high-performance hair care with sublime styling power developed through a scientific approach.

What is your mission statement ?
For over 50 years, PHYTO has been a leader in plant-based hair care and salon quality formulas. Our products embrace the principle that healthy hair begins at the root. Built on a heritage of craftsmanship and cutting edge scientific advancements, PHYTO boasts the highest concentrations of pure plant extracts in today's beauty market. Our formulas are 95% natural overall with select products up to 100% natural. As one of the world's most respected hair care brands, PHYTO is recognized as a symbol of performance, expertise and timeless beauty.

How natural are your products ?
Our formulas contain over 500 active botanical ingredients and are 95% botanical. Also, PHYTO's highly concentrated formulas are housed in recyclable aluminium and glass for their non-porous properties which help minimize the use of preservatives.

Does Phyto test on animals ? 
No, we do not engage in animal testing, nor do our formulas contain animal-derived ingredients.

How long can I keep a product once I've opened it ?
On the back of most of our packaging you will see a picture of an open jar (period-after-opening symbol). This will indicate the recommended period of use, once the product has been opened. It generally varies from 6 months (6M) to 24 months (24M).