10 trending hairstyles & cuts for winter 2020

Whether you need inspiration, or just want to stay on top of trends, this blog post is made for you.

It's 2020. Don't know if you heard but, hair becomes a must element for a triumphant look. So if you're looking for new ideas to be on-trend to the tips of your hair, or if you're looking for some inspiration, here's a wrap-up of the best trends we're following on Canadian social media.

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1. The Messy-bun, the messed-up hairdo

📷 @cvnthiamarie

Once was your Sunday evening hairstyle, now, the latest trend in hairdos. No need to structure your hair, the real beauty of a messy bun is that's M-E-S-S-Y, you feel it! High bun, low bun, hair strand left free. It's up to you! 

The PHYTO Paris touch: for a 100% successful messy bun, use the PHYTOVOLUME Active Root Spray. It coats the finest hair, lifts hair from the roots, volumizing the hair overall. Then, all you have to do is get in the bun, and you'll get the excellent style of @cvnthiamarie

2. The Bob cut

📷 @karinevanasse

Whether short or long, the bob haircut is what you need! Perfect for giving a fresh look to your face and highlight your neckline and shoulders. The bob cut also gives you a wide range of pretty hairstyles to combine with hair accessories. Bonus: it matches every type of hair. Straight, curly wavy, it doesn't matter! All you have to do is choose your desired length and colour. 

The PHYTO Paris touch: nothing beats moisturized and protected hair to enhance the beauty of a square bob cut. To give it a natural look, choose PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel: to be applied daily, on dry ends, it moisturizes without weighing down the hair!

3. 50 shades of red

📷 @catdplssis

From Auburn to Venetian blond or Flaming red hair, you can choose according to what suits you best. Anyway, the Red colour gives your complexion a boost. If you are not one of the 4% of red-headed people, you must know that dying your hair with red shades requires a lot of maintenance. Your monthly appointment for touch up is not enough! It is essential to use effective hair care products to maintain brightness and enhance the colour.

The Phyto Paris touch: the botanical hair brand offers a range for coloured hair, Phytomillesime. Color Locker Pre-Shampoo, Shampoo, Mask and Beauty Concentrate will take care of your flaming colour, to contain the pigments in the core of the fibre and keep your hair healthy!

For natural red hair, it is essential to moisturize and nourish your hair: choose PHYTO 9 Day Cream instead. Its seven plants and two oils will protect the shine of your flamboyant hair!

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4. The bangs return

📷 @audreyrivet

If you were born in the early '90s, you must remember having a hair bang at 5yo, and probably hated your mum for it. Today, we are witnessing a strong return of hair bangs! This year, the trend is moving towards curtain bangs, which clear the forehead, and enlarge the face while adding a touch of style.

The Phyto Paris touch: A straight bang, it's a bang without frizz! Your solution: PHYTODEFRISANT Botanical Straightening balm. Apply to wet hair before blowdrying, its heat-activated action tames frizz and prevents moisture from invading your bangs!

5. Long, voluminous hair

📷 @lemons.for.days

This season,  long-hair adepts are going to be happy! Even better if the lengths are voluminous, or even wavy- in a natural way or style. To create more volume, ask your hairdresser for some layering, it will create further movement and always more volume.

The PHYTO Paris touch: Long hair alert, lengths and ends can be damaged by blowdrying and ironing. If you curl or straight your hair daily, it is essential to use PHYTOKÉRATINE Extreme Exceptional Cream. It's thermo-protective up to 450 degrees celsius, use before blowdrying and styling! 

6. Pastel hair

📷 @gloria_bellaaa

Pastel colours are still trendy. However, don't overdo it! Choose light colours or colourful highlights that match your roots. 

The PHYTO Paris touch: Pastel tones are often easy to wash out, and the strong dye can make hair brittle and crispy. To preserve healthy lengths use Phytomillesime Pre-shampoo with Color Locker technology. Daily, before blowdrying, spray Phytomillesime Protective Mist. Compared to a day cream with SPF, it offers a protective sunscreen, shine and protection to your hair.

7. Symmetrical hairstyles

📷 @shrutiandstyle

You'll see everything in double: buns, braids, ponytails. Everything multiplies by 2. We love math on heads. Symmetrical hairstyles reflect a strong and creative personality. If you feel it's for you, make sure to adopt it! 

The PHYTO Paris touch: you are in need of hairspray to fix your looks. Something strong that still feels natural. The PHYTOLAQUE DESIGN Botanical Hair Spray with Acacia Honey is perfect for the purpose: 100% vegetable, fixes hairdos, no sticky effect.

8. The Boy's haircut

📷 @maripiermorin

Very short or a little longer on the shoulders, the boy's haircut pleases for its rebellious look and message: women too can have short hair, there are no more rules to follow. If you feel ready for this empowering look: prefer volume on the top, a destructured cut that still clears the neck. You can also try the wavy bouncy version for a glamour vintage look.

The PHYTO Paris touch: To ease up the styling and moisturize your lengths, choose PHYTO 7 Moisturizing Day Cream. Apply a tiny amount in your palms, activate it and apply it on your tips!

9. Use Hair Accessories

📷 @amberfillerup

Headbands, scarfs, hats, hair clips, pins... You have plenty of choices to dress up your hair! Do not hesitate to match up accessories with the rest of your fall look. Integrate them beautifully into your hairstyles. 

The PHYTO Paris touch: Accessories look nicer on shiny, soft and silky hair. Then use PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Gel Care daily.

10. Side-swept hairdo

📷 @fannyyockell

Last but not least, the hairstyle we've seen on all the red carpets: the side-swept hairdo. The idea is simple: lengths are placed on one shoulder, the roots show on the side with accessories or hairpins!

The PHYTO Paris touch: you need a lacquer that fixes, without plating or weighing down. So you need PHYTOLAQUE SOIE Botanical hair spray with silk proteins

So what are you waiting for? Start your trend today!

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