10 simple steps to get beautiful hair

When a good hair care ritual isn't enough, here 10 short lessons on how to achieve beautiful hair with everyday simple gestures.

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You've already mastered your hair care routine, but you feel it just isn't enough? You're on the right pathway but good products must be accompanied by good gestures to achieve beautiful hair, and for a long time! These are very (seriously, very) easy to integrate into your daily routine. Check them out.

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1. Brush your hair morning, evening, as long as you can!

The first vital gesture: brush your hair. In the morning, a good brush gently untangles your hair before applying a leave-in treatment. In the evening, help take off all impurities and accumulated dust. Brushing also stimulates the scalp, distributes sebum along the lengths and removes falling hair and split ends to leave space for new hair growth!

The PHYTO Experts tip: Be gentle, if you find hard tangles, make sure not to pull too much. You can use a detangling brush or help with a detangling cream or serum. See PHYTODEFRISANT, with anti-frizz properties or PHYTO 7, the cult hydrating leave-in that smooths lengths and ends.

2. Choose the right brush

Hairbrushes come at all shapes and prices. Have you ever thought about finally getting a good brush and experiment with new brushing techniques?
To choose the ideal brush, you will need to consider your hair type. It is imperative to use a quality brush to avoid breaking and damaging your hair.

Brushes made of nylons are ideal for fine and flat hair. They're gentle on the hair, they provide a smooth silky effect and some of them come with stimulating tips to massage the scalp.

Curly hair will indeed need to look for brushes or combs with larger spacing between bristles, so as not to break curls.
For thick hair, nothing is better than the rectangular-shaped ones in nylon. They detangle easily and are perfect for extra-long locks.

3. Take care of your scalp

A scalp massage stimulates blood microcirculation and oxygenation, fundamental for a healthy scalp and hair!
How to activate it? First, you brush your hair, then place your both hands' fingertips on the scalp and start making circular movements for 30 seconds. Lift the scalp upwards and move it backwards.

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4. Never go to sleep with wet hair

Back to basics. Would you go to sleep with a wet t-shirt? Of course not. Same with your hair. Moisture is a pool for harmful bacteria. Don't let them swim on your head. Otherwise, they will completely mess up your scalp.

5. Don't wash hair too often

You feel your hair becoming greasy, one day after you shampoo. The reason is simple: you're creating a vicious circle. The more you wash your hair, the more, the scalp accelerates sebum production to rehydrate the roots. The golden rule is to space out the shampoos: sebum will regulate itself quickly and you will be able to space your shampoos every 2 or 3 days. 

On the other hand, some people have such a dry scalp that they don't dare washing their hair too often. That’s not the solution either: the scalp must be moisturized with appropriate hair care.

The PHYTO Experts advice: Use PHYTOPOLLEINE pre-shampoo to help rebalance sebum production! Try PHYTOSQUAM Moisturizing Maintaining Shampoo to rehydrate the scalp and get rid of dandruff flakes.

6. Rinse hair well after a shampoo or a mask

Too often we're on a 30 minutes shower-hair-go fast schedule. Too often, we don't take the time to - rinse well - after a shampoo. Too often we feel our hair silky after a fast rinse and we're under the impression that if we leave it like that, the hair will look more hydrated once dry. Well, we're WRONG, WRONG & WRONG.
Rinsing your hair well is fundamental to properly remove product build-up after any pre-shampoo, shampoo or mask. Their effectiveness will be even reinforced if they are properly removed! If residues are left on the roots and lengths, they will be weighing it down and promote the scalp's greasiness.

7. I'll go to the hairdresser more often

And yes! Even the most beautiful hair has split ends that need a cut. Hair needs to be cut at least every 3 months, to make it healthier and conserve full-body lengths. I'll keep that in mind this year. 

Results? hair will be shinier, as split ends tend to make it dull. Moreover, a fresh haircut gives more volume and thickness to the hair! 

I need to remember that.

8. Use safe hair accessories that won't damage the hair

Prepare to say goodbye to all the rubber bands and hairclips that make you face scream "ouch" every time you want to put them in or take them off.  Not only are they painful, but they tear your hair out. A big - au revoir - to elastics that pull your hair too much. Constant pulling will necessarily lead to hair loss. 

Please, choose soft accessories for your hair and scalp. Swirl elastics, supple hair ties, velvet bands or clip-on hair clips are your new go-to.

9. Watch what you eat

Your hair is a reflection of your diet. Well-nourished with all the nutrients, vitamins and omegas it needs, your hair looks beautiful and radiant with health.
But if your diet consists of burgers, pizza and poutines, the results won't be very satisfying.
Be careful, though: the results of a good diet can be seen after 2 to 3 months, the time it takes for the nutrients to reach your hair! Patience and consistency are therefore necessary.

The PHYTO Experts advise: If you feel that your diet is OK, but your hair and nails look dull and you want to speed up their beautifying process, you might want to try PHYTO's cult vitamin supplements for beautiful hair and strong nails PHYTOPHANERE.

10. Do not use excessive quantities of product

A complete routine usually contains a pre-shampoo, shampoo, a  mask and leave-in care; to carefully pour a small amount of each care is key to have beautiful light hair. A hazelnut of product is more than enough if you have short-medium lengths, a half a bit more for extremely long hair! Remember, it's the scalp that needs to be deeply cleansed! It's like everything else in life: it's the quality that matters!

The PHYTO Experts advise: Apply a hazelnut of product in the center of your palm, then rub the product with both your hands. Distribute it well on the scalp and then down on lengths. You'll see how it will distribute evenly very quickly - without any mess!

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