10 advices to find (and explain) the haircut you want

Stop coming out of the hair salon sad and disappointed about your new hair cut. Follow these easy steps to avoid all misunderstandings.

Woman with curly hair in a hair salon looking in a mirror

Both appreciated and feared, visiting the hair salon for a new cut can spark real joy, or become a full nightmare. Here, you are given all the keys to determining a haircut that suits you best, and the ideal way to explain it to your hairdresser to avoid unexpected results.

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1. Think carefully about the hairstyle that suits you and you only

Face shape, size, neck length, hair type... There are so many reasons why a hairstyle fits one and not the other! Being different is positive, but you have to take it into account when it comes to defining the haircut you want. Can you really expect to have the same look like that top model you spotted on Vogue? Think about it.
Take time to analyze the morphology of your face. Try to imagine yourself with different hairstyles and how will you be able to take care of them with your hairstyling skills. Hint: ask your relatives, friends or your partner for their opinion!
Read the articles that present seasonal trendings: even if you don't want to follow every trend, it can still be a good inspiration to find your ideal hairstyle!

2. Estimate the time (and money) you want to invest in your haircut

Wanting a short bob with a flaming redhead is understandable. But without a monthly hair appointment, it can turn into a nightmare! Some colours and cuts require frequent visits to hair salons. They also need to be taken care of every morning.
It's up to you to know what's fit the most with your desires and availability!

3. A haircut adapted to your activities

Sports addict, you can't run with your hair loose? Tell your hairdresser that your golden rule is to be able to tie your hair.
Do you love to do your hair with braids? You will also need a minimum length! In short, any information is valuable to give to your hairdresser.

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4. Give your hairdresser as much information as possible

Yes, hairdressers are real artists, but you are commissioning them the painting! They can't see through your eyes. That' s often where your imagination and the hairdresser's execution can clash...
If you ask for a simple bob, be aware, there are short, half-short, half-long, long bobs... make sure you know how to differentiate each of the terms used so that it can better understand your request!

5. List as many examples as possible!

Nowadays that' s so easy! Dive into the ocean of hashtags that Instagram records, search with the right keywords on Google... Your goal: to provide as many examples as possible on the cut or colour you want.
Try to find examples of people with your same morphology and hair type! If your model is based on beautifully curly hair and your hair is very straight and fine... The result may be completely different.

Annie Hulskramer, from Ultra Salon & Spa, adds: « While I picture is always very helpful, I find that key points are even more so. For example, I prefer shorter bangs, I don’t like my curl, I like to keep my ears covered, or I don’t really like short hair. These types of tips go beyond to photo because it allows the stylist to understand the client’s interests better.» 

6. Go to your hairdresser with natural hair

No matter if they're curly or super straight. The more information the hairdresser has about your hair, the better. They will be able to see what's going on, and therefore better adapt the hairstyle you want to the reality of your hair!

P.S. Contrary to the myth, hairdressers will always prefer to see you arrive with clean hair.

7. Trust your hairdresser's advice

After all, they are the professionals! They are trained for this, are used to adapt to each hair type and will tell you if your desire suit you, if it's feasible or not.
Even if you have prepared yourself for months, your hairdresser may strongly advise you not to do this haircut. You choose if you want to try it anyway (you know: "in 3 months it will have grown back"), or if you let yourself be guided.
Anyway, the final decision is yours!

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8. Share your instant feedback during the cut

We can be so carried away by our conversation at the hairdresser's that we forget to look in the mirror and witness the evolution of the haircut.
Do you notice that your hair is not short enough? Say it!
On the other hand, you've spotted that he's about to cut too many inches? Say it as well!
You know the saying: better safe than sorry. 

9. Be honest about the final result

In 99% of situations, you come out of the hair salon feeling HAPPY. You can even have butterflies of happiness in your stomach when the hairdresser reveals the final result!
Or not...
Anyway, you have to share your real thoughts about the haircut or the new colour. It is always good for the hairdresser to get feedback, positive or negative. And it can allow everyone to find a solution for the next steps!

If you are 100% satisfied with your haircut, take a picture! It will allow you to show it on the next appointment ( besides posting it on Instagram).

10. Take care of your haircut

Your haircut requires daily care, with products that meet your hair's needs.

For your colour, use products dedicated to coloured hair.
Here is an example of the ideal ritual: PHYTOMILLESIME Color Locker Pre-Shampoo, to be applied before washing your hair. It prevents the colour from fading! Then use the PHYTOMILLESIME Color-Enhancing Shampoo, washing twice in a row. The first cleans the hair and scalp, allowing the second to take full action to take care of your hair. Then follow with the PHYTOMILLESIME Color-Enhancing Mask and leave it on for 3 to 10 minutes! 

If you want to hydrate your dry hair, use the PHYTOJOBA range: Shampoo, Mask and Care Gel will provide all the hydration your hair needs so that it is soft, shiny and healthy!

We hope that with these 10 tips, you, your hair and your hairdresser will get perfect love. "And they lived happily ever after and had a lot of hair...". 


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