«Phyto 7 is my golden rule» says Romain Alès, son of PHYTO Paris founder

Who better to explain the extraordinary benefits of Phyto 7 than Romain Alès?

Phyto 7 day cream for dry hair with a yellow background leaves and flowers

Remember... Romain Alès is the son of Patrick Alès, founder of the Phyto Paris. He is the best person to share with us his knowledge about plants and haircare products that this brand has created over time! Today, he unveils his favourite product. You'll see, you'll love it too!

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Hello Romain! Today, we want to know everything about your favourite product: so it's time to reveal it, and explain why!

In my opinion, if I had to choose a huge innovation and that should live as long as possible, it is a cream called PHYTO 7: 80% of women's hair is dry, because of too much washing, pollution, colouring with products that, by obligation, are too aggressive and create dryness.

It is essential to hydrate your hair daily in order to protect it better against external aggressions. The hydrolipidic film that envelops the hair must never be porous because otherwise, the water evaporates too easily from the hair fibre... As a result: the hair is dry, it doesn't shine and it gets hard to untangle!

To fight this, I only know one cream: PHYTO 7.

How to apply this day cream?

I will explain right away how to apply it: put a nut-sized in the palm of your hand, spread it in the middle of your fingers, untangle your hair every morning with it, brush your hair afterwards and that's it!

You could have the PHYTO 7 always by your side, in your purse. From experience, I know that when a woman starts to do this gesture, it becomes a reflex gesture, like a skin cream! This cream does not rinse off, it is absorbed immediately, like a hair that needs its water. 

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Has this product changed over the years?

PHYTO 7 was launched in 1968, one year before the brand was created.
There are probably 1 or 2 preservative ingredients of the time that have changed.
The first time I sold the PHYTO 7 in the 1970s, I finished my demonstration on a customer by taking the end of the PHYTO 7 like eating mayonnaise: by putting on the tip of my finger and licking a little. Now I admit I won't do it anymore! But rest assured, I could almost eat it because it was almost a secret recipe from home: it was brewed at home with my father, mother and sister.

PHYTO 7 is a kind of basic. When a woman applies it, she feels good!

A little tip to share with us?

At the time, there was one thing we were doing that you could also do: we were mixing in a small bowl PHYTO 7 and the Huile d'Alès. 

We used to apply the mix on women with long hair, twisting from tip to tip upwards to allow penetration under each scale! Today, we offer you treatments that combine nutrition and hydration, such as PHYTOJOBA Gel Care, PHYTOKERATINE EXTREME Exceptional Cream, but the most nostalgic can still use this method!

To celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary, Phyto Paris is relaunching the Phyto 7 and Phyto 9 day creams in new packaging! More and more practical, modern and environmentally friendly, the moisturizing, protective and regenerating plants used at the heart of this treatment remain unchanged: Marshmallow, Sage, Calendula, Burdock, Willow, Soya, Rosemary.

The difference with Phyto 9? The latter is recommended for ultra-dry hair, it contains 2 oils known for their nutritional properties: Macadamia and St-John’s oil!

If you also love PHYTO 7, tell us about it on social media!

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